Mold Inspection in Naugatuck

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When we perform mold inspections in Naugatuck, we run into a number of common issues. One of those issues is leaks—a frequent source of mold infestations.

Leaks can occur because of damaged pipes, faulty weatherproofing, foundation damage, or any number of other reasons. But all leaks have one thing in common: they result in excess moisture where it’s not supposed to be. And that often means that mold is not far behind.

If you have mold damage that’s been caused by a leak, it’s important to fix both issues as soon as possible. The question is, which problem should you fix first?

Thankfully, this question almost always has an easy answer!

Fixing Leaks vs. Treating Mold

When it comes to mold and moisture sources identified through proper mold inspection, there are two important steps to remediation. First, you want to get rid of whatever’s causing or contributing to the mold infestation. Second, you want to get rid of the mold itself.

Whenever possible, you want to perform these steps in this order. Fix the root cause first, then treat the mold second. The reason for this is simple: If you try to get rid of the mold before getting rid of the cause, you might just end up with a new infestation.

This is particularly true of acute moisture problems, such as those caused by leaks. If you perform a mold treatment before fixing a leak, there’s a very good chance you’ll end up with new mold after the treatment.

With few exceptions, you’ll want to fix the leak first. After that, you can proceed with a mold remediation treatment. For homeowners in Naugatuck, that’s as simple as calling the team at Green Home Solutions.

Our Mold Inspection Services in Naugatuck

At Green Home Solutions, we know how unhealthy mold can be for your home and your family. That’s why we strive to make mold inspections and mold remediation as easy as possible for homeowners in Naugatuck.

Our mold inspections are performed by ACAC board certified inspectors, offering an expert assessment of the mold situation in your home. In addition to a visual assessment, we can test surfaces or air samples to determine the mold species and the severity of mold problems. If you’re unaware or unsure of the source of the infestation, we can use infrared technology to locate the cause—which may include hidden moisture from leaks you may not even be aware of.

If we find mold during an inspection, we will provide a customized plan for mold remediation. Our solutions rely on the latest technology, as well as EPA-registered treatment products, meaning you and your family can breathe easy after we’re done.

Green Home Solutions offers mold inspection and remediation services throughout Naugatuck and other parts of the Danbury area. Our service area includes Naugatuck, Danbury, New Milford, Brookfield, New Fairfield, Sherman, Waterbury, and other nearby areas.

Book a mold inspection in Naugatuck today by calling Green Home Solutions at (203) 628-2227!