Mold Inspection in New Fairfield

specialist providing Mold Inspection in New Fairfield

Whether you have longstanding mold issues in your home or mold has occurred recently, a comprehensive mold inspection from trusted professionals is always recommended. At Green Home Solutions, we investigate, isolate, clean up, and prevent mold in New Fairfield homes. Our ACAC board-certified structural mold inspectors are backed by a certified crew, so we can always administer fast, high-impact results. 

If you’ve never scheduled professional inspection or remediation, you may have some questions about what this entails. Let’s take a closer look. 

3 Common Questions About Mold Testing Services 

When and why is mold inspection recommended for homes in New Fairfield? Our experts weigh in on your pressing questions about the testing process: 

Do I need an inspection if I’ve already seen mold? A professional inspection doesn’t just offer conclusive proof of mold’s presence. With Green Home Solutions, you’ll get specific data on the spread of mold and any recommended next steps. We seek out hidden moisture/mold sources to map out the full extent of mold, then offer concrete plans for moisture management and remediation. Inspection is crucial for long-term prevention and treatment. 

When should I schedule an inspection? Once mold takes root in an indoor environment, it can continue to grow at a very rapid pace. At Green Home Solutions, we take fast-acting measures to contain and curb mold growth for this reason, so we can limit the damage and scope of any mold issues. If you’re concerned about mold, we recommend getting in touch right away, so we can advise you on your situation. 

Why is inspection recommended after treatment? Thoroughness is key to resolving mold and moisture issues in your home. We don’t just test for mold after treatment, we test afterwards, too. This step is recommended for a more thorough approach to remediation, allowing us to confirm the impact of any treatment. We can also provide referrals for third-party testing, so you can get independent verification of remediation’s success. 

Schedule A Comprehensive Mold Inspection in New Fairfield 

With Green Home Solutions, a detailed mold inspection is just the first step toward effective, affordable remediation. Your Green Home Solutions inspector will write customized remediation protocols based on inspection results, so we can get started with treatment right away. We can visit right away for homes in: 

  • New Fairfield
  • Danbury
  • Sherman
  • Waterbury
  • Brookfield
  • Naugatuck
  • New Milford
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Schedule your detailed mold inspection in New Fairfield today. To learn more about your options, call Green Home Solutions at (203) 628-2227.