Your Choice For Mold Inspection in New Milford 

Dealing with mold issues doesn’t have to be difficult, costly, or time-intensive. At Green Home Solutions, we make it a point to remove the guesswork, stress, and high cost associated with remediation. We help you understand the extent and severity of mold issues, and what steps to take for proactive mold control. This starts with a comprehensive mold inspection for homes in New Milford, Gaylordsville, Northville and the Danbury area. 

While mold is fast-growing and tough, it’s not invincible. Treating mold properly means being strategic and thorough at every stage of the remediation process. With Green Home Solutions, you get that precise, thorough approach from the get-go, beginning with inspection. By investigating mold issues, we can determine where mold has spread, what’s causing it, and what’s needed to prevent it from recurring in the future, too.  

How We Implement Detailed Mold Inspection in New Milford 

At Green Home Solutions, our inspectors are ACAC board-certified mold inspectors. When we implement mold inspection in New Milford, it’s always completed with speed and precision, while giving you all the information you need: 

Your Choice For Mold Inspection in New Milford 

We map out the extent of mold. We use the advanced technology, training and testing methods to establishing the full scope of indoor mold issues. That’s especially true when there’s a risk of structural damage or subsurface infiltration of mold growth. We use cutting-edge equipment and technology to determine how far mold has spread. 

We look for contributors to mold. While mold is hardy, it still needs water sources to survive and thrive. We look for any contributors to mold, such as leaks, humidity, or other water buildup. Finding and dating these sources is crucial to effective mold control. Managing moisture events will also minimize further indoor air quality issues. 

We identify concrete next steps. We always take the time to inform you of your options. We identify proactive measures to manage moisture or improve ventilation as needed. Our structural mold inspectors can also write a remediation protocol at this time, so we can administer treatment right away. 

Get Started With Green Home Solutions 

Whenever you’re worried about mold, it’s best to be proactive about assessing its impact and getting professional treatment. With Green Home Solutions, you can set up a rigorous mold inspection anywhere in the region, including: 

  • New Milford
  • Danbury
  • New Fairfield
  • Waterbury
  • Naugatuck
  • Brookfield 
  • Sherman
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Get started with your experts at Green Home Solutions today. To schedule your own mold inspection in New Milford, you can call (203) 628-2227.