Mold Removal in Danbury: 4 Common Treatment Mistakes

Mold Removal Services

As soon as you find mold in your home, you want it gone. But when it comes to home mold removal, it’s better to trust the experts. In Danbury, that means contacting the team at Green Home Solutions. We make it easy to get rid of mold, neutralizing active infestations at the source. At the same time, we can help you avoid common DIY mold removal mistakes made by homeowners.

4 Easy-to-Make Mold Removal Mistakes

Getting rid of mold is no easy feat. Mold is incredibly stubborn, especially when it grows on porous materials. Many homeowners think they’ve removed a mold infestation, but after a few weeks, the mold returns with a vengeance.

Worse yet, mold poses a significant health risk to people. If you attempt DIY mold remediation, you could increase this risk for both you and your family.

At Green Home Solutions, we’ve seen the results of DIY mold removal. Below are 4 of the most common mistakes that we see homeowners make in Danbury:

  • Treating the mold, ignoring the moisture. If the moisture issues causing mold aren’t fixed, new mold will be able to grow. During our mold inspections, we pinpoint moisture problems with UV technology. We will then recommend next steps to fix these issues.
  • Focusing exclusively on surface mold. Mold doesn’t just grow on the surface of infested materials. It also grows inside porous materials like wood and drywall. You can get rid of the surface mold, but if you leave the subsurface growth, the mold will continue spreading.
  • Using the wrong products, like bleach. Household products like bleach struggle when it comes to mold. That’s because they have no way of killing subsurface growth. At Green Home Solutions, our EPA-registered product kills surface and subsurface mold colonies!
  • Allowing airborne mold spores to spread. When treating moldy materials, you can dislodge toxic spores that allow mold to spread. To stop these spores from spreading, our team uses technologies like negative air pressure generators and HEPA-filtration air scrubbers.

Your Source for Mold Remediation in Danbury!

If you have mold in your home, the first thing to do is contact Green Home Solutions. Our mold removal team in Danbury can diagnose the source and severity of your infestation and design a custom solution to neutralize the mold.

Unlike most other mold removal companies, we use a plant-based product to neutralize mold. This product neutralizes mold on contact, and it gets inside porous materials to stop subsurface mold growth.

Our mold remediation treatments are available in:

  • Danbury
  • New Milford
  • Brookfield
  • New Fairfield
  • Naugatuck
  • Sherman
  • Waterbury
  • Surrounding areas

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