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Our Mold Remediation in New Fairfield 

  • Date: 03-2020

If mold appears in your home or you think that you may have mold spores in the air that are making you sick, getting a professional opinion from your local certified Mold Inspector is the first step in fixing the problem in your New Fairfield home. We are local and live around the Candlewood Lake community. We have been in hundreds of New Fairfield homes ranging from Candlewood Isle, the Ball Pond communities and many homes around Squantz Pond as well. 

Understanding the extent of the mold issue and getting professional mold remediation is important if you want to tackle the process properly. Many jobs should not be done by a homeowner without proper equipment and training. Doing a mold remediation project yourself could potentially make things worse by spreading cross contamination, potentially increasing the risk of illness.  

Green Home Solutions has the latest equipment, technology and powerful products to get the job done right, the first time. Our board-certified inspectors work with an expert crew and technicians to contain and treat affected areas inside your home or building. We use exacting standards and detailed data to ensure that remediation strategies are precise and targeted.  

Comprehensive Mold Remediation in New Fairfield

At Green Home Solutions, mold inspections are always conducted by our Council-Certified microbial investigators, CMI and CSMI certified from ACAC, the American Council for Accredited Certification. We use the latest technologies and methods to uncover the full extent of indoor mold, as well as any related water intrusion. Mold needs water to survive, so cutting off water sources is an essential strategy for prevention. 

Your Green Home Solutions inspector is trained and certified to take air and surface samples if needed. These samples are sent to one of the region’s top accredited microbial labs for thorough analysis, so that we have all the information needed to proceed. All of this can occur in as little as 48 hours. 

Once we have the results of inspection, our inspectors write a remediation protocol tailored to your property. This protocol always follows state law, IIRC regulations and other relevant guidelines. Our technicians and crew carry out the protocol carefully, making sure no affected area is ignored. 

With mold remediation services from our team in New Fairfield, we know that our treatments work. In fact, we guarantee that remediation will pass third-party testing, so you can always get independent confirmation of results for your own peace of mind. 

Green Home Solutions Treats Homes and Businesses Throughout Fairfield County

Mold can surface in just 24 hours after a moisture event. Rapid-response mold remediation can deliver an immediate difference, making sure that cross-contamination risks are minimized even prior to treatment. At Green Home Solutions, we offer emergency services and same-day inspections to homeowners and business owners in our areas of: 

family friendly mold remediation in New Fairfield

At Green Home Solutions, we’re glad to take the stress, uncertainty, and high costs out of mold remediation, while delivering extra-strength treatments that work. Call today at (203) 628-2227 to schedule an inspection in New Fairfield.