Poor Indoor Air Quality in Brookfield: What Causes It?

Air quality issues can range from a funny smell in the office to allergens that can cause serious reactions. Because of the discomfort and health concerns that come with poor air quality, it’s crucial to get to the bottom of what’s causing it, so you can address it. At Green Home Solutions, we utilize proven treatments and processes to improve indoor air quality for homeowners and businesses all over the Brookfield, CT area.

A couple enjoying Indoor Air Quality in Brookfield

The Factors that Cause Poor Indoor Air Quality in Brookfield Homes

Your indoor spaces can be hard to spend time in when you’re constantly dealing with poor air quality. There are two main factors that contribute to poor indoor air quality in local homes and commercial properties. Let’s take a closer look at these factors and how they can affect your air and health:


Pollutants in the air are the leading cause of poor indoor air. Pollutants in the air can come in both particle form and gas. Whether it’s gas, radon, dust mites, dander, or other contaminants, pollutants in the air can cause respiratory issues, allergic reactions, and a long list of other problems. Because of the range of issues pollutants can cause and the various forms they can come in, dealing with pollutants requires a comprehensive approach. 

Ventilation Issues

Poor ventilation can also create problems. Along with leading to mold development, poor ventilation can trap the pollutants in your home and make you breathe them in continuously. The air in your home should regularly circulate with outside air, but this can introduce pollutants and additional humidity. It takes a multifaceted solution to optimize your home or office’s ventilation.

How We Improve Indoor Air Quality in Local Homes and Businesses

To effectively remedy indoor air quality issues it takes a multifaceted solution. Call on Green Home Solutions. When you choose our team, you’ll work with industry pros trusted throughout the Brookfield area who utilize a proven approach to help you breathe cleaner, healthier air. We use comprehensive testing, proven purification services, and effective ventilation solutions to quickly identify and address your indoor air quality issues. 

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