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Professional Mold Removal in Danbury: How To Get A Mold-Free Indoors  

  • Date: 11-2019

Many people don’t realize that mold is not just what you see on a surface, and using water based cleaning products like bleach actually feeds its roots, called hyphae, and can cause mold to return even more aggressively. To get your Danbury home free of unwanted airborne mold, professional mold removal should be done by a certified professional. 

There’s plenty of misinformation about how to correctly treat mold. Many homeowners understandably try DIY treatments at first, only to spend more time and money in the long run. At Green Home Solutions, our certified inspectors will assess your home for visual mold and conditions that promote its growth, including steps to fix moisture intrusion and high humidity. We are also certified to perform surface and air samples that are sent to a third party accredited lab for analysis. Using visual and laboratory data, we can quickly and accurately give a reasonable estimate that will not under treat or over treat problem.

At Green Home Solutions, we offer affordable and expert mold remediation to Danbury as well as Ridgefield, New Fairfield, Sherman, Brookfield, New Milford and the Candlewood Lake region. We’ll help you get effective and professional mold removal you can count on all over Western Connecticut. 

3 Reasons You Need Professional Mold Removal in Danbury

Why choose professional mold removal services when you can buy mold removers from the closest hardware store in Danbury? The fact is, treating mold on your own can neglect existing growth or even worsen the potential for spread: 

The cross-contamination risk. People often think that treating spots is getting rid of mold when in fact, spots can often just be a visual symptom of a larger air contamination issue. Contaminated air can get into the air duct system and spread through your home. Green Home Solutions uses state of the art HEPA Filtration, along with negative and positive air to contain and control the flow of airborne contaminates in your home. Without controlling air movement or using the right treatment techniques, you can increase the risk of cross-contaminating other spaces.  

The chances of mold spreading. With porous surfaces, mold can take root and spread deep. Removing sheetrock on your own or without proper containment is risky. Without proper negative air pressure, normal air movement can quickly distribute mold spores and toxins though out your home. This can be difficult to detect because cross contamination is often invisible and odorless.  

The potential for mold’s return. All mold requires to thrive is enough moisture, oxygen, and organic food materials, like dirt, dust, debris and sheetrock. Because it can survive on very little, it’s easy for mold to return even after treatment unless preventative measures are taken. We help you understand why mold has surfaced and limit the likelihood that it will be back.  

How Green Home Solutions Delivers Powerful Results 

At Green Home Solutions, we’re able to consistently achieve mold-free indoor environments due to the rigorous methods we use for professional mold removal in Danbury, in addition to the powerful proprietary products we offer that other companies do not have access to. We also never use harmful chemicals or Biocides.  

relaxing couple after our professional mold removal in Danbury

A good mold inspection is the foundation for an impactful result. We will create a customized protocol for treatment that’s consistent with state law and regulations and IIRC standards, and accommodates your property’s mold issues. Working with certified crew and technicians, we make sure we treat mold quickly, effectively, and affordably. We always aim to deliver powerful remediation that lasts. 

Green Home Solutions offers emergency mold remediation. When you’re looking for professional mold removal services in or around Danbury, all you need to do is call (203) 628-2227