Mold Inspection in Englewood

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At Green Home Solutions, we know how frustrating mold can be for homeowners. We help you get to the heart of any mold issues inside your home, starting with a mold inspection in Englewood, CO. With this process, we can ensure any remediation administered is affordable, precise, and fast-acting. 

Throughout inspection and treatment, we’ll always make it easy to understand what we’re doing and why. If you have questions or concerns, your Green Home Solutions representative can always help with these. Let’s take a look at a few of the questions we get about inspection. 

3 Common Questions About Our Expert Inspections 

Wondering when to schedule a mold inspection, and what’s involved? Here’s a few answers from our Green Home Solutions team: 

  • What should I expect with the inspection process? The inspection can provide a lot of clarity on the seriousness of mold issues. During inspection, Green Home Solutions will investigate potential mold in the air/surface as well as any contributors to the issue. We’re able to offer concrete recommendations for mold control, as well as a clear scope of work for any remediation needed. 
  • When should I schedule an inspection? Mold can appear quickly and spread quickly, which is why Green Home Solutions always takes a rapid-response approach. When it comes to scheduling an inspection, we recommend doing this as soon as you’re concerned for the possibility of mold. Your Green Home Solutions representative can offer more specific input once you’ve gotten in touch. 
  • Why is inspection recommended after treatment? At Green Home Solutions, we’re able to treat mold quickly and with lasting impact because we use precision from the get-go. Even after remediation occurs, we complete a final inspection for rigorous confirmation of results. A final inspection can offer you peace of mind and clear, precise proof that indoor mold issues have been dealt with. 

Schedule a Detailed Mold Inspection in Englewood 

If a mold inspection reveals active growth, Green Home Solutions can help you get these issues under control right away. We offer specific next steps for mold prevention, then administer fast, powerful remediation for your home. We make it easy to resolve mold issues in days, no matter where you’re based, including: 

  • Englewood
  • Littleton
  • Denver
  • Wheat Ridge
  • Centennial
  • Greenwood Village
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

Need to schedule an expert mold inspection in Englewood? Call your Green Home Solutions representative today at (303) 870-0119 to get started.