Mold Inspection in Thornton

specialist providing Mold Inspection in Thornton

When mold starts growing in your basement, it can be a sign of water in your foundation. Finding out what’s causing mold is essential to impactful treatment. With Green Home Solutions, you can access both mold inspection and mold remediation in Thornton. Our expert team can advise you on moisture control, and we can also clean up mold in days. 

Where do you start? Green Home Solutions will always be there to recommend steps before, during, and after remediation. Once an inspection is completed, moisture control is a first priority. Here’s why.  

Why You Need Moisture Control First 

For homes and other buildings in Thornton, mold issues are often linked to seasonal flooding, leaks, or other water intrusion. These events can create ideal conditions for mold. During the mold inspection stage, Green Home Solutions can uncover the extent of water events and help you curb these moisture issues, to limit the risk of further mold and damage in the Thornton area:

  • Water can create new areas of mold. As long as a leak or flooding is ongoing, water can continue accumulating. Often, this means water can seep through cracks in walls and floors, infiltrating adjacent areas of the home. This creates new potential habitats in which mold can flourish. 
  • Water can affect your foundation. On its own, water can do significant damage to your foundation, as well as to surfaces abutting the foundation. It can erode concrete, deteriorate surfaces, corrode pipes, and leave visible stains and other marks. Treating and addressing the source of water intrusion helps to limit these occurrences. 
  • Water can get absorbed into surfaces. The longer water is present, the deeper it can get absorbed into porous surfaces such as carpeting, wood flooring, or other features of the home. Once water is trapped in these surfaces, it can take time to dry out properly. All the while, it offers plenty of opportunity for mold to grow. 

How Mold Inspection in Thornton Helps 

At Green Home Solutions, mold inspection can assist with finding previously undiscovered moisture issues, along with mapping the full scope of mold. After inspection, we supply homeowners with detailed steps for drying up moisture. Then, we can get started on mold removal in: 

  • Thornton
  • Aurora
  • Denver
  • Arvada
  • Westminster
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Find out how to address moisture effectively with help from Green Home Solutions. To get started with a mold inspection in Thornton, contact (303) 870-0119