Mold Inspection in Westminster

specialist providing Mold Inspection in Westminster

Mold can be a significant risk to your home’s surfaces, subsurfaces, and foundation. But proper mold inspection and treatment can mitigate the damage or severity of any indoor growth. At Green Home Solutions, we help homeowners in Westminster, CO combat mold issues so they can enjoy a healthier home. We take comprehensive measures to trace mold and moisture, clean up active growth, and prevent future issues. 

Mold often gets out of hand when it’s improperly removed or treated. It’s never enough to scrub away visible growth. Effective remediation involves strategies for prevention and containment, as well as proper cleanup procedures. That’s what you can expect from Green Home Solutions. Our team understands how mold behaves and how it thrives, so we can effectively treat mold wherever it’s present in your home. 

Mold in Your Home: What to Look for 

How do you know if mold has infiltrated your home? A mold inspection can provide you with real data on the presence of mold, including the scope and severity of the issue. But even before that, there’s a few other indicators of potential mold concerns. From our team in Westminster, here’s what to look for: 

  • Visible water damage. Mold issues come hand-in-hand with water intrusion. If you’ve recently dealt with a leak or flooding, you’ll want to look out for any visible water damage or other signs of water buildup. It’s worth remembering that mold can sprout up within just a day of a moisture event. 
  • Surface deterioration. When moisture and mold build up below the surface, it can be difficult to spot without professional intervention. But you may see evidence of surface warping or surface deterioration. Keep an eye out for drywall or paint bubbling as well as cracks and peeling, too. All of these may indicate mold. 
  • Strong mildewy odors. Mold can be accompanied by powerful smells. These can be pungent, earthy, or otherwise unpleasant. If you’re noticing a pervasive musty or mildewy odor, try to take note of where it’s strongest. You’ll want to have these areas investigated closely. 

Schedule Expert Mold Inspection in Westminster 

At Green Home Solutions, our experts can administer mold inspection services in the following communities:

  • Westminster
  • Aurora
  • Denver
  • Arvada
  • Thornton
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

Inspection is a crucial first step toward resolving mold issues long-term. With this step, you can learn how far mold has spread and what’s causing it in the first place. You’ll also get specific recommendations for remediation and prevention so you know exactly what to do next. 

Don’t let mold issues get out of hand. To schedule a comprehensive mold inspection in Westminster, call Green Home Solutions today at (303) 870-0119.