Mold Removal in Denver: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

Mold Removal Service

As a homeowner, there are few things more stressful than the idea of serious mold issues in your home. At Green Home Solutions, we provide professional, fast-acting mold removal for Denver area properties. Our service is affordable, eco-friendly, and ready to help you get control of your mold issues. 

As part of our effort to reduce serious mold issues in local homes, we would also like to point out some of the biggest mistakes made in DIY mold removal attempts. Let’s look at the four most frequent errors. 

Treating Mold On Your Own Leads to Frequent Mistakes

We understand that as a homeowner, your natural inclination is to solve problems on your own. However, when it comes to mold, you will really benefit from an expert approach. Here are four costly mistakes often made in DIY mold cleaning attempts:

Thinking bleach is the solution. Bleach should never be used to clean mold. Not only is it ineffective on certain surfaces, but more importantly, it causes a health hazard. We get the job done using eco-friendly, lab-tested products that are completely safe. 

Relying on incorrect cleaning methods. When you handle mold, spores will fly into the air. This can create a health hazard without the proper cross-contamination protocols in place. We have special equipment, including negative air machines, to handle this part of the process  

Assuming all mold can be seen. Many homeowners scrub away at spots of visible mold, only to repeat this process over and over again. This is because they are ignoring unseen mold. You need a professional inspection to find all the problem areas in your home and come up with a plan for successful remediation. 

Ignoring the sources of mold. Mold requires the ideal environment in order to thrive. If you have serious mold issues in your home, there’s likely an underlying moisture issue that needs to be addressed. 

Schedule Expert Mold Removal in Denver

Our expert mold removal service can spare you a lot of added costs in the long run. We get the job done right, with efficient, fast-acting, eco-friendly service at an affordable rate. 

Our EPA-certified service is available in:

  • Denver
  • Westminster
  • Thornton
  • Arvada
  • Aurora
  • And the surrounding areas

To set up expert mold removal for your Denver area home, call Green Home Solutions today at (303) 870-0119