Poor Indoor Air Quality in Denver: What Causes It?

The air in most homes is more contaminated than you’d expect. In fact, indoor spaces are often 2 to 5 times more tightly packed with pollutants than the outdoors. Why is that? Understanding what causes poor indoor air quality in Denver can help you improve your home’s health. 

Air quality can feel like a mysterious element of the indoor environment—but we need clean air in order to live, play, and work indoors. The air in our homes affects our physical health, our comfort, and our sense of wellbeing.  Let’s take a look at how air gets contaminated over time.

The Two Factors Causing Poor Indoor Air Quality

Most homes are closed environments, tightly sealed from the outdoor elements. While this is perfect for keeping out pests and cold air, it also means our houses often become hotspots for stagnant air. 

These two sources are key to understanding poor indoor air quality: 

  • Pollutants
    Pollutants are the primary source of poor air quality within homes. They can occur in gas form, like exhaust gas or radon, or they can show up as fine particulate matter, like mold or cleaning products. Others, like smoke, are a mixture of both gas and particles.        
  • Airflow
    The air in your home needs to circulate, and indoor air needs to be regularly replenished by outdoor air. However, the outdoor air should be filtered and conditioned for both temperature and humidity.  This helps to thin out any high concentrations of emissions. It also helps to disperse and cycle out pollutants, like odors and smoke. We do not want to allow polluted unconditioned air into our indoor environment.

When there’s too little airflow, and too many pollutants, the air quality in our homes quickly deteriorates. 

Fortunately, you’ll always have the chance to improve indoor air. With expert intervention in Denver, it’s easier to identify contaminant sources and airflow issues.  

How Green Home Solutions in Denver can Help

At Green Home Solutions, we help homeowners be proactive about maintaining healthy air indoors. Here’s how we can help:  

  • Air quality testing. We provide a comprehensive assessment of specific areas of your home and provide a detailed written report about air quality issues. 
  • Controlling mold, odors, and moisture. We offer powerful mold remediation and odor treatments, removing harmful pollutants from the air and then reset the indoor ecology of your home.
  • Improving indoor ventilation. We can introduce clean temperature and humidity conditioned air into your home and exhaust alike volume of contaminated air.   

Clean indoor air quality is important for a healthy home. Be proactive about the air quality in your home by calling Green Home Solutions in Denver today: (303) 870-0119.