Indoor Air Quality Services in Downingtown: A Checklist for Your Home

Our lungs need clean, healthy air to flourish. Unclean air can cause real harm to our respiratory systems, our moods, and our overall well-being. Improving air quality doesn’t have to be complicated. At Green Home Solutions in Downingtown, we don’t just offer indoor air quality services. We help you maintain a healthier home and cleaner indoor air.  

Every part of your home affects the air you breathe. Let’s look at each space—and what you can do to boost air quality. 

An Air Quality Checklist for Homes in Downingtown

From top to bottom, each room in a house can contribute to air quality. That also means that proper maintenance can prevent indoor air quality concerns. Here’s a checklist for each space in your home:

  • Your roof and attic. It’s easy to forget about your roof and attic, but they are crucial to promoting good airflow and keeping mold from infecting your home. Get professional assistance to deal with any leaks, moisture, or mold quickly. Make sure any insulation is mold-resistant, and that your rain gutters and chimney aren’t clogged.
  • Your bedroom and living areas. We spend so much time in these areas, it’s easy to see why good air quality is important here. Vacuum carpets, couches, and mattresses regularly. Leaving your bed unmade can have benefits, allowing it to air out and discouraging dust mites.
  • Your bathroom. Mold and moisture are big concerns in this part of the house. Always try to run your exhaust fan for at least 15 minutes after showering. Make sure it vents correctly outdoors. Monitor under the sink, under the tub, and inside cabinets for mold.
  • Your kitchen. Cleaning and cooking happen a lot in your kitchen—and these two activities produce high concentrations of pollution. Always use your range hood and, if possible, your back burners. Together, these can reduce emissions by up to 80%.
  • Your basement or crawlspace. The lower parts of your house are prey to outside contaminants and moisture. If you have a crawlspace, getting proper encapsulation is crucial. You’ll want to monitor this area for moisture and replace HVAC filters as recommended. Over 40 percent of the air we breathe in the main living areas of our homes emanates from the basement or crawl space.  Even if we rarely or never go into the crawl space or basement, it could still be negatively affecting the air we breathe throughout our home.

Choosing Expert Indoor Air Quality Services

At Green Home Solutions, our indoor air quality services can address the root causes of poor air quality. For homes in Downingtown, that includes:

  • Robust testing to discover any ongoing problems
  • Abating mold in the air and on surfaces.
  • Cleaning out dirty and clogged HVAC systems
  • Encapsulation of unsealed basements or crawl spaces

Green Home Solutions can improve the health of your home. To schedule indoor air quality services in Downingtown, contact our team at (855) 724-7336.