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Choosing Mold Remediation in Downingtown

  • Date: 02-2020

At Green Home Solutions, we know that effective mold remediation is fast, proactive, and comprehensive. Our affordable treatments are ideal for homeowners in Downingtown, PA with environmentally conscious treatment methods that prioritize the health and well-being of your family.

Mold appears only when it has enough oxygen and moisture to thrive. Thoroughly addressing mold growth means identifying and correcting sources of moisture. We ensure that happens. Your Green Home Solutions representative will implement careful measures to inspect for moisture buildup and offer advice on what next steps to take. 

We resort to teardown or renovation as little as possible. We know that any kind of demolition can further contaminate your air, and cause higher costs and longer timelines. Instead, we use responsive strategies to deal with growth that’s hard-to-reach for an extensive, tactical treatment that works.  

About Our Mold Remediation in Downingtown

family friendly mold remediation in Downingtown

When you’re looking for mold remediation in Downingtown, you want to find a company you can count on. With Green Home Solutions, you’ll always get mold experts with a strong track record. We adhere to all relevant guidelines from the EPA, Indoor Environmental Standards Organization, and agencies like OSHA and AORN. 

Our representatives take a decisive and exacting approach to any treatment. We start with a highly thorough inspection, which provides crucial data on where mold is occurring and why it’s there. From there, we develop a plan for remediation, taking into consideration any hidden growth, which rapid-response measures will be effective, and any other relevant details. With this approach, we can address mold in just 2 days or more.

We even offer a final inspection, so you can compare initial data to post-remediation data and get confirmation that treatment worked.

Treatments That Consider You and Your Family 

With Green Home Solutions, you’ll always get the advantage of eco-friendly treatments that also consider the health of your family. Our representatives know the impact that poor air quality can have on your well-being. We use rapid-acting products that break down mold in your indoor air and on surfaces, without ever using harsh or high-toxicity chemicals. 

We offer this family-conscious approach to mold remediation for families throughout Chester County, including those in:  

  • Downingtown
  • Phoenixville
  • Tredyffrin
  • Oxford
  • Pottstown
  • Raxnor
  • West Chester

To get started with mold remediation today, schedule a free, indoor air quality consultation when you call Green Home Solutions in Downingtown at (484) 947-7225!