Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Downingtown

Mold Remediation in Pottstown

  • Date: 02-2020

Getting professional mold remediation you trust to work is essential. For buildings in Pottstown and the surrounding area, that’s exactly what Green Home Solutions offers. Our remediation is proactive and budget-friendly, keeping costs and renovation down without compromising on impact. 

Treating mold on your own isn’t just stressful. It can also make your mold problem even worse. Without the right equipment, treatment sprays, or methods to effectively cut off mold growth, you can actually help it spread further throughout your home or building. 

Green Home Solutions offers a high-powered, fast-acting, and cost-effective alternative to traditional mold remediation. Our representatives in Pottstown use extra-strength, scientifically tested treatment sprays to break down indoor mold right away. 

Mold Remediation in Pottstown That Gets The Job Done

When you choose Green Home Solutions, you’re getting expert remediation and and time-tested, science-backed treatments that get the job done right. Before any remediation takes place, your Green Home Solutions representative will conduct an inspection to determine the cause of mold and the extent of mold spread. In some cases, we even take samples for further lab testing. 

family friendly mold remediation in Pottstown

This rigorous procedure creates a clear picture of indoor mold, providing you with recommendations for addressing related moisture or ventilation issues. It also helps us to build out responsive and aggressive measures for mold remediation. That’s one of the many reasons we can eliminate or minimize the need for teardown or construction wherever possible. 

For buildings in Pottstown, we offer a final inspection after we’ve completed treatment. This additional step gives you clear evidence that mold has been successfully treated, for your peace of mind. 

And that’s just one of the services we offer to homeowners and property managers in the area. With Green Home Solutions, you can also get: 

  • Crawl space encapsulation 
  • Probiotic purification 
  • Odor removal services
  • Air quality testing 

Green Home Solutions: About Our Service Area 

Mold can appear anywhere, which is why it’s important to have a mold remediation company that can come to you. At Green Home Solutions, our representatives travel throughout the region, administering treatments in: 

  • Pottstown
  • West Chester
  • Downingtown
  • Oxford
  • And the surrounding area

We don’t just treat houses and rental properties in the area. Green Home Solutions can offer remediation to industrial properties, offices, commercial facilities, and doctors’ offices. Wherever we go, we bring the same attention to detail and long-term approach to treating mold and air quality problems you’re facing. 

For homeowners in Pottstown, trusted mold remediation is just a phone call away. Start with a no-cost air quality consultation from Green Home Solutions by calling (484) 947-7225