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About Mold Remediation in Duluth

  • Date: 06-2020

When it comes to any issues with mold, you want lasting solutions that get to the source of the problem. At Green Home Solutions, we treat mold thoroughly and quickly, with affordable mold remediation services in Duluth. But we also help with mold control, identifying any mold sources and making sure you can achieve long-term impact with treatment. 

Mold doesn’t sprout up from nowhere. It only surfaces when it has adequate air, moisture, and food material to survive. Treating mold at its source means finding moisture sources and addressing them, so that mold can’t return quickly after remediation has occurred. We use comprehensive detection methods to identify moisture buildup that’s related to mold, so we can help you reach a mold-free indoors. 

Detailed Methods For Mold Remediation in Duluth

Addressing mold extensively means taking a detailed approach with every aspect of mold remediation. For homeowners and property managers in Duluth, Green Home Solutions implements detailed inspection and testing to verify the full scope of mold growth as well as to determine underlying moisture sources. 

We use high-powered equipment to contain any mold growth that’s present, from negative air machines to air scrubbers, so we can minimize any further spread. Your Green Home Solutions representative will build out a specific, highly targeted plan for remediation, using inspection data to make sure that treatment is fast and precise. In doing so, we can also limit demolition and renovation, as well as the costs and disruption associated with them. 

With Green Home Solutions, you can look forward to treatment that delivers powerful results every time. Your representative can even administer a final inspection after treatment has occurred, so you can see those results in detail. We make sure we earn your peace of mind. 

Green Home Solutions Prioritizes Healthy Clean Air For Your Home 

The effects that mold can have on indoor air quality are well-documented. At Green Home Solutions, we always take careful steps to address indoor air quality with our mold remediation services in: 

  • Duluth
  • Cloquet
  • Proctor
  • Hermantown 
  • And throughout the surrounding area

The treatment sprays we use to break down mold work on a molecular level. They can treat mold on surfaces as well as mold particles within the air, leaving you with healthier, cleaner air for your home. 

Looking for mold remediation in Duluth right away? Just call (218) 576-5293 to get started with Green Home Solutions at your convenience.