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Comprehensive Mold Removal in Cloquet

  • Date: 11-2020

Have you discovered mold in your home? At Green Home Solutions, we offer fast, high-impact mold removal services that address underlying issues like moisture buildup. For buildings in Cloquet and the surrounding area, we can comprehensively treat mold in a matter of days. We complete detailed mold inspections before and after remediation, for thorough results you can always count on. 

Whenever you’re dealing with mold growth, precise treatment can make a tremendous difference. Addressing mold means identifying what’s causing it to sprout up in the first place. Preventing cross-contamination during the treatment process helps to limit any risk of mold spreading further.

Green Home Solutions takes a rigorous approach to every stage of the process, from initial investigation of mold issues to final inspection. We offer rapid-acting, long-lasting solutions to mold, mildew, and fungi. 

About Our Mold Removal For Cloquet Area Buildings 

With Green Home Solutions, mold removal services begin with an extensive inspection. During the inspection process, our experts seek out any contributors to mold and hidden areas of mold growth. In some cases, additional samples may be taken from the air or surface in affected areas, in order to be tested at a third-party microbial lab. All of these details present a clear picture of mold issues present, as well as the remediation needed to treat it. 

We work with homeowners and property managers to abate moisture sources or humidity buildup prior to remediation. This means once treatment has occurred, mold can’t resurface as easily. Our representatives build specific remediation protocols for your indoor space, allowing us to be both precise and tactical during the treatment process.    

For industrial, residential, and commercial buildings in the area, remediation typically takes a few days at most. After we’re done, we can implement a final inspection or refer you to a third-party inspection service. That way, you can see the impact of any remediation for yourself.  

Our High-Powered Remediation Sprays at Green Home Solutions

Mold removal from Green Home Solutions is available across the region, including: 

  • Cloquet
  • Proctor
  • Hermantown
  • Duluth
  • And throughout the surrounding area

With remediation, you’ll always get our EPA-certified treatment sprays, which are completely unique to our company. These science-tested, lab-backed products are aggressive on mold and bacteria while gentle on your indoors, minimizing the need for demolition. Treating mold on surfaces and within the air, we always leave you with a healthier, more breathable space. 

Need mold removal in Cloquet? Just schedule a treatment today by contacting Green Home Solutions: (218) 576-5293.