Mold Testing and Inspection in Duluth

Whether you’re dealing with recurring mold issues or you’ve just discovered the presence of indoor mold, mold testing is a crucial first step. At Green Home Solutions, we know how important it is to be proactive and precise when combating mold in Duluth. With testing before and after treatment, we can deliver fast, affordable, and long-lasting remediation. 

Two professionals for mold testing and inspection in Duluth MN

Without professional intervention, mold can be a relentless issue for homeowners. Mold often escapes detection, so even if you’ve found active growth, it’s possible mold has infiltrated other areas of the home. At Green Home Solutions, we help prevent that from happening. With rigorous testing, we can help you achieve a mold-free indoors. 

Why You Need Mold Testing in Duluth 

With mold testing, you can eliminate much of the stress, guesswork, and cost involved in conventional remediation. At Green Home Solutions, inspection allows us to get to the source of any mold issues in your home or office. For homeowners and property managers in Duluth, this process offers a clear picture of mold problems by: 

  • Triangulating any water sources that are causing mold in the first place.
  • Mapping out the full extent of active mold growth indoors. 
  • Identifying areas of hidden mold activity. 
  • Defining the scope of remediation needed, as well as any other next steps. 

Treating mold requires speed, precision, and strategy. You’ll get that every time with Green Home Solutions. We recommend inspection before and after remediation for best results. 

About Our Mold Inspection Services 

Mold can’t always be found by smell or sight on their own. Individual mold spores are microscopic, making it easier for mold growth to evade detection. At Green Home Solutions, we use precise investigative methods and powerful equipment to find mold as well as moisture sources. We help you take action against mold.  

Your Green Home Solutions representative will use incredibly sensitive infrared technology to search for mold and related issues. In doing so, we can map out mold issues in detail. As an added step, we can also take samples for further lab analysis. It means we’re always able to detect mold at its source, for detailed mold testing in:  

  • Duluth
  • Proctor
  • Esko
  • Cloquet
  • Saginaw
  • Hermantown
  • And the surrounding area

Positive Mold Test? Here’s What to Expect

With Green Home Solutions, inspection reports are used to target mold quickly and aggressively. If we find mold, we use this data to treat any active growth with speed, precision, and long-term results. You can always expect affordable, fast, and lasting remediation. 

Worried about mold? Get expert mold testing in Duluth. You can contact Green Home Solutions today at (218) 576-5293.