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Mold Inspection in East Hartford

  • Date: 08-2015

Can’t see visible signs of mold? It could still be lurking beneath the surface. Our East Hartford mold inspection services are a fast and affordable way to determine whether or not your home has mold. We’ll use several methods to ensure accurate results. Don’t wonder if you have mold? Call in the professionals from Green Home Solutions of East Hartford.

East Hartford Mold Inspection

Our mold inspection specialists have the training they need to quickly determine if your home has a mold issue. Depending on the situation, we may use one or a combination of three methods. During your mold inspection we may:

  • Perform a visual inspection throughout your home
  • Examine ventilation and other typical sources of excess moisture
  • Use infrared technology to record moisture levels

If the inspection shows that you do have mold, we will recommend air quality testing and mold testing. That will allow us to determine the type of mold and the extent of the infestation, so we can develop the best plan for remediation with our effective mold removal products. Unlike other companies that use harsh chemicals, our remediation products are made from plant based ingredients and are safe when used as directed. Plus, you’ll be able to return to your home the same day we treat for mold.

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