Mold Inspection in East Hartford

At Green Home Solutions, we know mold inspection makes all the difference when it comes to treating mold effectively in East Hartford. Mold can’t always be seen or even smelled, which is why it’s such a pervasive issue for homes across the region. Effective treatment requires accuracy and speed. It’s why an initial inspection for mold is so important. 

Mold Inspection in East Hartford: Your Trusted Choice

We remediate commercial and residential buildings of every type, and we always start with an inspection. Our representatives use professional detection equipment, including infrared scanning technology, so we can carefully unearth the full extent of mold problems. This step is how we’re able to promise consistently affordable, effective, and fast-acting treatments. With our team, you can take action against indoor mold right away. 

How Mold Inspection in East Hartford Can Make A Difference

Without mold inspection, it’s all too easy to treat surface mold issues only or to ignore underlying contributors to mold. At Green Home Solutions in East Hartford, we make sure that doesn’t happen. Instead, we use precise methods and powerfully attuned equipment to investigate mold at its source. We do it by: 

Limiting damage caused by mold. When mold is left unchecked, it can cause significant damage to indoor surfaces and subsurfaces. This often happens when homeowners clean visible mold, without realizing mold is spreading through the air or below surfaces. We identify areas of growth, including previously undetected mold. 

Aiding in long-term mold control. Mold is often a symptom of underlying moisture issues, from leaks to water damage. We trace those sources of water, which mold needs to survive. We make it easier to achieve mold control and prevention, so mold can’t resurface easily again and again. 

Identifying next steps for treatment. It’s important to be fast, proactive, and strategic when treating mold. Green Home Solutions can help. After inspection, we supply you with specific recommendations and next steps, including moisture abatement plans. We can also provide a personalized remediation plan at this point. 

Schedule Your Visit With Green Home Solutions 

Being proactive about mold can make all the difference. With Green Home Solutions, you can start by scheduling a mold inspection. Our representatives can travel to you in: 

  • East Hartford
  • South Glastonbury
  • Glastonbury
  • Hebron
  • Wethersfield
  • And throughout the surrounding area

We reduce the stress and guesswork involved in dealing with mold. We can inspect and remediate quickly, leaving you with a clean, healthy, and mold-free home. 

With Green Home Solutions, it’s easy and affordable to address mold problems thoroughly. To schedule your mold inspection in East Hartford, just call (860) 418-7588.