Mold Inspection in Wethersfield: Your Questions About the Process

Mold Inspection in Wethersfield: Your Questions About the Process

The thought of mold can be an instant stress point for many homeowners. But with professional intervention, addressing mold issues doesn’t have to be difficult. That’s what Green Home Solutions can do. With mold inspection and remediation in Wethersfield, we help you achieve a mold-free indoors within days. 

If you’ve never been faced with mold issues, you may be wondering about the inspection process. Why is it needed, and what can you expect? Let’s take a look. 

3 Common Questions About Mold Inspection in Wethersfield 

Mold inspection can be crucial to effectively resolving any mold issues in your home. Here are three common questions we get about this process in Wethersfield: 

Why can’t I look for mold on my own? Mold growth can be microscopic, inhabiting surfaces, subsurfaces, and even the air you breathe. Even when you’ve found evidence of mold growth, it’s rarely the full picture. Without professional investigation and testing, it’s difficult to fully ascertain the scope of mold issues. With testing, we can also look for hidden mold issues and specific causes of mold, supplying you with a customized treatment plan. 

What should I expect during an inspection? Your Green Home Solutions representative will always advise you on what to expect before and after inspection/remediation. We encourage homeowners to tell us about any parts of the house where mold is a concern, so we can be as thorough as necessary. Our inspections typically involve a detailed sweep of affected indoor areas. We use very sensitive infrared equipment to root out mold and moisture issues. After that, we can take additional steps, such as lab testing, if more data is required. 

What happens if a mold test is positive? If we find mold, Green Home Solutions can get to work cleaning up any active growth quickly. If any moisture sources (or other mold contributors) are unaddressed at this time, we’ll help you take steps to restore your indoor environment to a neutral state. Once that’s occurred, we can treat mold swiftly and precisely, leaving you with a mold-free indoors. 

Your Mold Experts at Green Home Solutions 

With Green Home Solutions, you’ll always have experts on hand who understand how mold behaves and how it can be controlled effectively. We can administer mold inspection and remediation right away in: 

  • Wethersfield
  • Glastonbury
  • East Hartford
  • Hebron
  • South Glastonbury
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Have more questions about our mold inspection process in Wethersfield? You can call Green Home Solutions for answers at (860) 418-7588.