Mold Removal in Glastonbury: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

Two professionals for Mold Removal in Glastonbury: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

Dealing with mold can be a headache for homeowners, and for good reason. Because of how tenacious mold species are, it’s incredibly difficult to use DIY removal methods to get rid of active growth. Worse yet, you may have tried to get rid of mold on your own, only to find it keeps coming back. For homeowners in Glastonbury, mold removal from Green Home Solutions can help you get to the heart of mold problems.  

Let’s review a few common mistakes when attempting DIY mold treatment.  

Four Common Mistakes When Treating Mold On Your Own

High-impact mold remediation means taking a multi-pronged approach to existing mold problems. It’s not just about the right tools, but also about the right methods for mold identification, treatment, and prevention. With that in mind, here’s four treatment mistakes which can happen when you treat mold on your own: 

  • Using the wrong treatment products. You want products which can effectively neutralize mold, not just short-term solutions. A lot of household products are only meant to provide short-term relief from mold, or are only meant to be used on non-porous surfaces. Mold must be treated and removed at its roots for long-term results. 
  • Only addressing surface mold. If mold is growing on surfaces, it’s important to determine whether it’s growing underneath as well. Mold can also travel and grow in the air via tiny airborne spores. Without taking a comprehensive approach to cleaning up mold, mold will continue to return again and again. 
  • Cross-contaminating areas without mold. Proper mold removal involves rigorous cross-contamination procedures as well. Without these protocols in place, mold can easily travel into uncontaminated areas during the cleanup process. It can set root elsewhere, starting the cycle anew.
  • Treating mold without abating moisture sources. Moisture control is crucial to long-term mold prevention. Mold occurs where it has enough water to survive, so finding and abating those water sources is always a first step. For homes in Glastonbury, professional mold testing can help you get to the source of mold. 

Schedule Expert Mold Removal in Glastonbury

With Green Home Solutions, you’ll never have to worry about mold removal again. We offer fast, high-impact, and long-lasting results with any treatment. Our experts walk you through every step, so you’re never in the dark about existing mold problems or how we’re addressing them. We offer remediation to homes in: 

  • Glastonbury
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  • And the surrounding area

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