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Choose Powerful Mold Removal in Chicopee

  • Date: 03-2021

When mold growth becomes a recurring issue inside your home, professional mold removal can help you take control of the situation. At Green Home Solutions, we administer remediation in and around Chicopee, MA. We work rapidly to limit the adverse effects of mold while preventing mold from coming back again and again. 

Mold occurs when indoor environmental conditions allow it to thrive. Typically, the occurrence of mold coincides with moisture buildup. It’s never enough to treat mold as a one-time event. Instead, we employ long-term solutions to control and minimize the risks of future mold. Through this process, we can also improve the overall health and air quality of your home.  

Expert Mold Removal from Green Home Solutions

Green Home Solutions treats most types of buildings, and whether we’re administering mold removal in a house or a hospital, we know mold behaves the same way. Our representatives rely on diligent remediation protocols that are consistent with EPA and ANSI/IICRC guidelines. We offer expert treatments every time. Here’s how:

  • We find out why mold’s appearing. With Green Home Solutions, any remediation is preceded by a thorough mold inspection. This measure allows us to scout for hidden mold and to find out why mold’s appearing. Before remediation starts, we can aid you in treating mold sources like leaks or moisture buildup so growth can’t resurface in the future. 
  • We take guesswork away. Once we’ve completed an inspection, we use the data to build out precise and proactive remediation protocols. We’re able to take the guesswork out of treatment by doing this, minimizing any reliance on demolition or renovation in the process. Instead, we target mold with proven treatment strategies.
  • We clean up mold thoroughly. We use high-powered products and equipment to control and clean up mold thoroughly. We know it’s not enough to remediate surface mold. Our representatives also treat the air for any mold particles, targeting any hidden pockets of growth and delivering extensive remediation. 

Effective Mold Removal Chicopee, MA

At Green Home Solutions, our mold removal experts are available to assess any mold issues you have. We offer free indoor air quality consultations in: 

  • Chicopee
  • Amherst
  • East Longmeadow
  • Holyoke
  • Westfield
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

Ready for a healthier space? Schedule a consultation with our mold removal experts in Chicopee by calling (800) 765-8846.