About Our Mold Inspection in East Longmeadow

At Green Home Solutions, we take a long-term approach to addressing mold within your building. We never use short-term fixes, instead targeting mold at its source. We’re able to prioritize high-impact, effective strategies due to the highly rigorous mold inspection services we conduct in East Longmeadow, which allow us to evaluate your building’s mold growth and implement rapid-response treatment.  

Our highly knowledgeable representatives have an extensive track record of successfully treating buildings throughout the East Longmeadow and Westfield area. Mold is tenacious and difficult to detect by smell or sight alone, which is why our professional mold inspections are so crucial in discovering how far mold has penetrated indoor environments.

For homeowners and property managers alike, discovering mold can be a great cause for stress. But Green Home Solutions removes much of the cost and stress associated with treatment, while making sure you get remediation that has lasting effects. 

Mold Inspection in East Longmeadow That Gets To The Source

When you find mold within your indoors, it’s likely that it’s already spread elsewhere. Mold uses its tiny spores to travel through your property, consuming organic materials like dirt, dust, and even surface materials of indoor areas.

Detailed mold inspection from Green Home Solutions can detect the spread of mold. For buildings in and around East Longmeadow, we look at how far mold has penetrated surfaces, subsurfaces, and other hidden spaces within your indoors. We also investigate the source of mold, seeking out water intrusion, ventilation concerns, or other factors which may have created ideal conditions for growth. 

With detection technology, lab testing if needed, and the comprehensive expertise of our representatives, we deliver inspections that get to the source of what’s causing mold in your building. 

A Fast-Acting Approach To Mold Remediation With Green Home Solutions

happy customers after our mold inspection in East Longmeadow

After we’ve conducted mold inspection services in East Longmeadow, Green Home Solutions can implement mold remediation in as little as a few days. Inspection reports allow us to generate powerful and tactical treatment strategies designed specifically for your building and the type of growth within. 

With every stage of treatment, we prioritize your indoor environment first and foremost. We help you take proactive steps to address moisture buildup, ventilation concerns, or other issues which may be affecting air quality and causing mold. We use eco-friendly products to improve indoor air while targeting mold. And we provide fast, lasting remediation, for a mold-free and breathable indoor environment. 

If you’re worried about mold, Green Home Solutions can help right away. Contact (413) 224-1130 to find out about our affordable mold inspection and remediation services in East Longmeadow and Chicopee

Green Home Solutions vs. Competitor

Green Home Solutions Competitor
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Contains plant based enzymes.
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Most are synthetic chemicals.
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Catalytic, keeps on working.
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Very reactive. Energy used up instantly.
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Breaks down allergenic proteins in spores.
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Fine spray application reaches everywhere.
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Helps prevent growth.
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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Our EPA registered product is made using plant-based ingredients and kills mold and its suspected harmful effects.



Often, there is no need for expensive demolition, so we are usually 50-75% less costly than our competitors.



We complete the process quickly — on average in 2-5 days.



Our products create a clean indoor environment by cleaning and killing airborne impurities — wherever they may hide.