Mold Removal Services

Mold Removal Services in East Longmeadow: What Every Homeowner Should Know

  • Date: 05-2019

Finding mold inside your home can be distressing. But knowing your options and how to proceed can help you take decisive action quickly. At Green Home Solutions, we don’t just provide affordable mold removal services in East Longmeadow. We can help you understand the scope of your mold issues, so you can get proper treatment immediately. 

What You Should Know About Mold Removal Services in East Longmeadow

When you’re dealing with a mold issue, you might be wondering if you should treat it on your own, or which mold removal services are right for you. Here’s what you should know about treating mold:

our staff doing mold removal services in East Longmeadow
  • Be careful with off-the-shelf products. Many homeowners reach for mold removers from the hardware store. But off-the-shelf products often treat the symptoms of mold without treating its cause. They typically scrub or hide surface particles, while allowing mold spores and hidden growth to spread. 
  • Mold testing can help you understand your options. With professional mold inspections from Green Home Solutions, we identify the extent of visible and hidden mold growth and moisture, as well as an estimate for services. This gives you a comprehensive overview, so you can take informed next steps. 
  • Prioritize your breathing air. Mold can trigger asthma, congestion, allergies, and other respiratory conditions. But many of the harsh chemicals and products used by companies can also be toxic to inhale. Our eco-friendly treatments from Green Home Solutions are highly potent but gentle on your air.
  • Speed is important. Mold spreads quickly, within as little as twenty-four hours after a moisture event. That’s why it’s important to act quickly, too. Our mold removal services in East Longmeadow are rapid-response and fast-acting, with comprehensive treatments completed in forty-eight hours or more. 

Choosing Green Home Solutions in East Longmeadow 

When you’re choosing mold removal services in East Longmeadow, it’s important to consider your options: 

  • Effective. First and foremost, you want mold removal service with lasting results. We use scientifically tested methods to treat visible growth as well as hidden mold. 
  • Affordable. For properties in East Longmeadow, we minimize the need for high-cost demolition or renovation wherever possible. Instead, we reach hard-to-access growth with tactical methods and technology. 
  • Fast. By pre-testing your home for mold, we’re able to provide targeted and rapid treatments in less time than many traditional services. Affected areas will be ready for use again in almost no time. 

Get affordable, proactive mold removal services that are right for you. To schedule an initial consultation in East Longmeadow, call Green Home Solutions now, at (413) 224-1130