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Mold Remediation in Concord

  • Date: 06-2020

When you’re dealing with mold, speed is always important. That’s why Green Home Solutions offers rapid-response mold remediation in just 48 hours or more. For residential and commercial properties throughout Concord, we can quickly and powerfully target mold, fungi, and mildew, containing and treating any growth while preventing further spread, too. 

Once a leak or water intrusion occurs, mold can surface as quickly as 12 hours afterwards. Once it’s taken root, it can spread easily, with microscopic mold spores that can travel through the air and into adjacent living areas. Fast and targeted remediation can quickly limit the damage of mold, minimizing the health effects of growth as well as any impact it has on your surfaces. That’s what you’ll get with Green Home Solutions. 

Proactive Mold Remediation For Concord Homes 

At Green Home Solutions, we start with a mold inspection. This first step gives us all the data we need on your building’s mold issues, identifying any sources of water for mold as well as determining the full scope of the problem. It also defines the scope of remediation necessary to thoroughly address all mold. Your Green Home Solutions representative can review this information, as well as any moisture control plans we can recommend for effective prevention.

We build mold remediation protocols based on inspection data, so we can more quickly and deliberately target the mold within your affected indoor areas. Our representatives in Concord are highly versed in mold and moisture control, and can administer remediation that conforms to EPA, OSHA, Indoor Environmental Standards Organization, and NADCA guidelines. 

We can even offer a final inspection post-treatment, so you can get conclusive evidence of remediation’s impact. With our remediation services, we offer proactive and proven results every time.  

Eco-Friendly, Family-Friendly, and Home-Friendly Treatments

One of the many benefits of mold remediation services from Green Home Solutions is that our treatments are family-friendly, eco-friendly, and home-friendly. That’s true no matter where we administer services, in Concord or the surrounding communities of: 

It means that our treatments aren’t just environmentally conscious. They’re also designed to improve and refresh indoor air quality, so your family can enjoy a healthier breathing environment. On top of that, our remediation services are gentle on your surfaces, meaning less demolition, less teardown, and less stress for you. 

If you need mold remediation services in Concord, our experts are ready to help. Get in touch with Green Home Solutions by contacting (978) 429-1973.