Indoor Air Quality in Milford: Why It Matters & How We Help

Given how much time we spend indoors, it’s crucial to take action when air quality problems arise. Mold or moisture buildup is often one of the first signs of poor indoor air quality for Milford homeowners.  

Here’s why you should prioritize air quality in your home’s environment. 

3 Reasons Why Your Indoor Air Quality Matters 

Why is indoor air quality so important? Let’s take a look: 

  • Our primary exposure to pollution is inside. Many people think of pollution as an outdoor problem. But growing research is showing that our primary exposure to pollution is indoors. We inhale more contaminants through everyday activities like frying an egg or cooking a meal than when we walk down traffic-jammed streets. Taking care of air quality within your home reduces the pollutants you are exposed to. 
  • Untreated air quality issues can escalate. Many air quality problems can have cascading effects. When water vapor builds up in a home, it creates the ideal conditions for microscopic dust mites, mold particles, and mildew. Denser humid air makes it more difficult for contaminants like pet dander or VOCs to cycle out of the home. Also, once mold takes root, it releases thousands upon thousands of spores into the air.  
  • It affects our overall health and quality of life. The effects of air quality always depend on the individual. However, polluted air can have an impact after a single exposure. Unhealthy air can compromise focus, productivity, and comfort. The immediate effects of exposure include nausea, eye irritation, congestion, and headaches. Long-term, poor air quality can have more serious consequences, including respiratory and cardiovascular illness. 

Treating Mold and Moisture in Milford 

At Green Home Solutions, one of our board-certified inspectors can comprehensively assess your home for mold and moisture problems. We administer inspection and treatment in:  

  • Milford
  • Shelton
  • Bridgeport
  • Fairfield
  • Ridgefield
  • Trumbull
  • Norwalk
  • Westport
Indoor air quality in Milford

Moisture and mold are hand-in-hand issues that can seriously compromise your indoor air quality. We use the latest technology and treatment methods to find and remove mold within your home.

Our remediation plans don’t just address active growth. They also help you take steps to dry up moisture buildup on surfaces and in the air. We help you improve your home’s health. 

With expert intervention, it’s easy to address indoor air quality issues in Milford. To get started, call Green Home Solutions at (203) 628-2227 today.