About Our Mold Inspections in Fairfield

When there is a mold problem in a home, the remediation process is only as good as the inspection and assessment of the project. An incomplete mold assessment can lead to unknown issues and problems in the future. With Green Home Solutions, our estimates and inspections are always completed by a board certified mold inspector using the latest technology, equipment, and training. The rigorous mold inspection services we provide in Fairfield County determine the extent of the mold growth, whether or not there is cross contamination, and the source of the issue. We do all of this to make sure your home or office’s indoor air quality is restored to the cleanest breathing air possible.

Mold only appears when it has the right conditions to thrive. All it needs is moisture, oxygen and an organic food source such as dust, dirt debris, sheet rock, etc. And there is more than just the surface mold that needs to be addressed since airborne mold has roots, called hyphae, that get deep into the sub surface. 

We know mold works quickly, which is why we work fast too. In many cases, for properties in Fairfield, Westport, Norwalk, Trumbull or Shelton, our inspectors can get there on the same day you call.  

Choosing Mold Inspections in Fairfield County with Comprehensive Results

In order for effective remediation to take place, it’s important to remove the guesswork from treatment. That’s what our mold inspection services do for properties in Fairfield and nearby areas. We’re able to use inspection reports and testing results to determine a strategic and responsive plan for remediation right away. 

We work with visual inspection equipment as well as third-party testing from top local accredited labs, if we find that’s needed. Once inspection reports are generated, our mold inspectors will create protocols for mold containment and treatment that follow IIRC standards, EPA standards, state law, and other relevant regulations. 

Our mold inspectors collaborate with a certified remediation crew and supervisors in order to ensure that treatment follows this exacting protocol. It’s how we’re able to rapidly and effectively shut down any mold growth within your building. 

Professional Service, Quick Action and Results 

When mold is discovered living in your home, it is best to get the removal scheduled as soon as possible. At Green Home Solutions, we have multiple inspectors, crews and trucks servicing all of Fairfield County. This means we can conduct the inspection quickly, provide you an estimate, and schedule the job to be completed in just days. 

family friendly mold inspection in Fairfield

We use our own tried-and-tested, scientifically backed products to effectively denature mold and improve indoor air to the cleanest quality we’re able to provide. Remediation is guaranteed to pass third-party testing, for results you can truly rely on.

Don’t wait for mold to spread any further. Contact Green Home Solutions in Fairfield to learn more about same-day mold inspection services: (203) 628-2227

Green Home Solutions vs. Competitor

Green Home Solutions Competitor
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Contains plant based enzymes.
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Most are synthetic chemicals.
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Catalytic, keeps on working.
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Very reactive. Energy used up instantly.
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Breaks down allergenic proteins in spores.
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Fine spray application reaches everywhere.
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Helps prevent growth.
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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Our EPA registered product is made using plant-based ingredients and kills mold and its suspected harmful effects.



Often, there is no need for expensive demolition, so we are usually 50-75% less costly than our competitors.



We complete the process quickly — on average in 2-5 days.



Our products create a clean indoor environment by cleaning and killing airborne impurities — wherever they may hide.