Mold Removal in Norwalk: Will Mold Die if it Dries Out?

Because of how tricky mold can be, there are several questions surrounding the issues it can present. However, does mold still present these issues after it dries out? Mold develops and thrives in moist environments, so it’s not a stretch to think that it dies once the sources of moisture have been addressed. Below, we’ll take you through exactly what happens to mold when it dries out and why effective mold removal is crucial in Norwalk, CT area homes, whether mold is moist or dry.

Is Mold Removal Necessary Once it Dries Out?

Is mold still a threat once it dries out? The short answer is yes. Below, we’ll go through a few of the issues that dry mold presents and why it’s crucial to effectively remove it from your interior spaces:

Dry Mold Isn’t Dead Mold

It’s a common misconception that mold will simply die off if its sources of moisture are taken care of. Instead of dying, mold can survive in a dormant state until a new source of moisture is introduced, when it will reactivate and become an issue all over again. To prevent this, it’s crucial to get mold out of your home whether it’s active or not.

Dry Mold Can Survive for a Long Time

One of the biggest reasons to get dry mold removed from your home is the fact that it can survive for a long time. In fact, dried-out mold can live in your home for years, developing and spreading again in the case of increased humidity, water leaks, burst water pipes, and a long list of other causes.

Dry Mold Can Become Airborne

Another reason to deal with dry mold is that it can become airborne, presenting many of the same risks that come with actively growing mold colonies. When dry mold becomes airborne, it can cause issues with allergies and the respiratory system, making it a potentially serious problem.

Our Professional Mold Removal in Norwalk

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