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Our Mold Remediation in Westport

  • Date: 05-2020

Dealing with mold shouldn’t be stressful, costly, or confusing. At Green Home Solutions, we take the high costs and uncertainty out of the equation when we offer mold remediation in Westport. We treat mold quickly and thoroughly, using data that’s backed by our ACAC-board certified structural mold inspectors, comprehensive testing and certified crew. 

All mold needs to grow is moisture or high humidity, air, and an organic food source like dust, dirt, debris, sheetrock, etc. Once a food source is established, mold can reproduce releasing harmful spores and mycotoxins into the air. Once it’s present, it can spread through living areas, air systems and below the surface. Attempting to remove the mold yourself or using an uncertified contractor often creates cross contamination making it into a much larger issue.  

At Green Home Solutions, we provide the highest knowledge, testing and remediation protocols, to tackle the problem quickly and effectively, ultimately saving time and money.   

Our High-Impact Approach To Mold Remediation in Westport 

A proper assessment and thorough inspection are crucial to tackling a mold problem in a home. When you see a spot of mold, this can sometimes be an indication that there is a larger issue. Mold testing can be an important part of determining how much mold is in the air as well as if it has spread through the home or into adjacent areas. Our inspectors use the latest technology, moisture reading equipment, infrared and other methods to assist in locating mold and moisture that’s accumulating inside your building. It means we always know exactly how far mold has spread into living areas, allowing us to draft an effective work protocol that is specific to your home. 

Your Experts in Mold Treatment and Prevention – Green Home Solutions

With Green Home Solutions, you’re always getting an expert approach to mold remediation and prevention. Our team in Westport helps to mitigate mold, but that’s not all. We also identify underlying environmental factors, such as moisture buildup, which may have allowed mold to surface in the first place. Once mold has been dealt with, we make sure that it can’t return easily. 

We offer emergency services for properties all throughout the area, including:  

 When you’re faced with mold, mildew, or fungi, Green Home Solutions is just a phone call away. Contact (203) 628-2227 to schedule your mold remediation in Westport today.