Indoor Air Quality in Charlottesville: Why It Matters & How We Help

What is indoor air quality, and why does it matter? For homeowners in Charlottesville, you can always rely on Green Home Solutions for any of your air quality questions or concerns. Let’s review what air quality is, why it matters, and how we can help. 

Air quality helps us identify what pollutants are in the air. Our indoor environments are self-contained, meaning that air or energy can’t leak out easily—but fresh air can’t get in, either. Without the right ventilation methods, pollutants can quickly fill up our homes, leading to poor indoor air. 

Here’s why that’s a problem. 

Why Does Indoor Air Quality Matter?

Over the past decade, more research is being done on indoor air quality—especially within our homes. For homeowners in Charlottesville, here’s why it matters: 

  • We live the majority of our lives indoors. Believe it or not, most people spend about 90% of their time indoors. That’s been true for decades. Given that fact, it’s unsurprising that most of our exposure to pollutants doesn’t come from outdoor sources like car emissions. Instead, it comes from right inside our homes. 
  • Our homes are packed with pollutants. Our everyday activities release high concentrations of pollutants into the air. From dust to dander, mold, cooking emissions, and VOCs, our homes are filled with all kinds of contaminants. To put into perspective, you’re exposed to more pollutants in your home than when walking in a busy city street.
  • Poor air quality has wide-ranging health consequences. Every year, we learn more and more about the health impact of contaminated air. The effects of poor air quality can be short-term—including headaches and fatigue—or long-term—like respiratory and heart diseases. These consequences can be more severe for kids, seniors, and those with existing health problems, too. 

Your Indoor Air Experts in Charlottesville 

Poor indoor air quality isn’t a foregone conclusion. You can take steps to protect, treat, and improve the air in your home—and Green Home Solutions can help. Here’s what we can do: 

  • Air quality testing. For homes in Williamsburg, Midlothian, Charlottesville, Richmond, and Fredericksburg, we can sample and test indoor air for specific concerns. 
  • Mold and odor removal. Our experts address mold and odors at the source, with rapid-response treatments that work on a molecular level. 
  • Crawl space encapsulation. If you have an unsealed crawl space, we can waterproof this space, keeping out contaminants, moisture, and pests.
Indoor air quality in Charlottesville

Improve indoor air quality with help from Green Home Solutions. Get in touch with our team in Charlottesville, and Richmond by calling (540) 684-2468 today.