Mold Inspection in Richmond: Your Mold Questions Answered

Professional for Mold Inspection in Richmond: Your Mold Questions Answered

Mold can be a confusing issue for local property owners. Should you worry about it? Where does it come from? With our professional mold inspection and other services at Green Home Solutions, we’re the Richmond, VA area’s experts on mold and how to get it under control. Below, we’ll address the most common questions we get about mold to give you a better idea of why it’s an issue and how to handle it safely and effectively. Let’s dive in.

Common Mold Inspection Questions Answered

Because of how mold can seemingly appear out of nowhere, we receive questions about how it forms and whether it’s dangerous or not. If you have mold questions, our team at Green Home Solutions can help you get to the bottom of them. Here are a few of the most common questions we get about mold and their answers to help you get started with identifying and addressing this common issue:

What is mold?

Mold is a variety of microscopic fungus. This fungus is a natural part of decomposition when it occurs in the wild, but it can be a problem when it pops up in your home. Mold grows in individual strands called “hyphae,” which can form dense colonies. Once these fungus colonies are thriving, they become visible to the naked eye.

How can I tell if mold is in my building?

The most obvious sign of mold is going to be discoloration on your wall, sometimes even looking like a thin layer of fuzz if it’s left unaddressed for long enough. Other signs of mold can include a wet, musty smell or stained surfaces. The best way to be sure if mold is on the premises, however, is a mold inspection from Green Home Solutions.

Should I be worried about mold?

If it’s not addressed effectively, mold can be an issue over time. Mold can cause structural damage in your home or commercial property, and it can also cause health issues if mold colonies grow large enough. 

The Benefits of Professional Mold Inspection for Richmond Area Residents

Even if you’ve confirmed that mold is in your property, an inspection is still essential. Our mold inspections will map out the full scope of the problem. And, once we’ve identified the issue and its root cause, we’ll work with you to create and implement a plan to address mold. 

We offer our mold inspection and mold remediation services to our neighbors in these areas:

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