Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Gaithersburg

Our Mold Remediation in Montgomery County 

  • Date: 03-2020

At Green Home Solutions, we take away the uncertainty and stress that comes with issues of indoor mold in Montgomery County. Instead, we provide affordable and proactive mold remediation that addresses mold as well as the causes of mold growth, for fast-acting results and long-lasting impact. 

We use extra-strength treatment sprays, powerful equipment, and tried and tested methods of treatment to get to the source of mold, treating mold growth on surfaces as well as mold spores within indoor air. All the remediation strategies we use are tailored to the specific mold in your home, based on data that we analyze prior.

Green Home Solutions always follows ANSI/IICRC S520 and EPA guidelines for treatment. Our expert representatives are also well-versed in standards and protocols from AORN, OSHA, NADCA, and other associations, so that we can always offer comprehensive remediation to businesses and homes throughout the area. 

Comprehensive Mold Remediation in Montgomery County Tailored To Your Home

mold remediation in Montgomery County

With Green Home Solutions in Montgomery County, you get both mold inspection and mold remediation services. Inspection occurs beforehand, conducted by one of our knowledgeable representatives, who will look out for mold, moisture, and related issues. With this data, you’ll get a full scope of the mold that’s within your home, as well as the remediation that’s needed to address it. 

We build our treatment plan around inspection results, so we can always deliver affordable and fast-acting services. We know that speed is vital when it comes to locking down mold growth and preventing further spread. Our treatments can take as little as two days or more, depending on the extent of mold. 

Our representatives are committed to providing peace of mind with every stage of treatment. We even offer inspections post-remediation, for conclusive evidence that treatment was a success.  

Green Home Solutions Has Expert Mold Remediation in Montgomery County and Beyond

Track record matters when it comes to mold remediation services. We’re proud that our expert representatives have successfully addressed mold and related issues everywhere in the region, including: 

  • Montgomery County
  • Germantown
  • Rockville
  • Bethesda

With Green Home Solutions, you get the expert approach to remediation, mold control, and indoor air quality. We make sure families everywhere in the area can sleep easier and breathe easier, with treatments that last long after we’ve left.

Green Home Solutions can provide rapid-response and affordable treatments for homes and businesses throughout the region. If you need to schedule mold remediation in or around Montgomery County, you can call us today at (301) 591-2470