Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Chicago

About Our Mold Remediation in Chicago

  • Date: 05-2020

At Green Home Solutions in Chicago, IL, we target mold at the source. Our expert representatives rely on comprehensive data analysis, extra-strength remediation sprays, and a wide range of equipment to get the job done correctly. We isolate and treat mold while providing immediate measures for prevention, for high-impact mold remediation that has long-lasting effects.

Without the right equipment or methods, it’s hard to know if there’s any hidden mold growth within your home, or if mold has cross-contaminated other areas already. Green Home Solutions takes that uncertainty out of the equation when it comes to treatment. Our expert representatives work closely with you from day one so you know what we’re doing to mitigate mold and what next steps to expect. 

The result is remediation that’s less costly, less time-consuming, and less stressful for you. 

Expert Methods for Mold Remediation

Without treating the underlying conditions that have allowed mold to prevail, it’s all too easy for mold to return after treatment. That’s why Green Home Solutions always takes steps to investigate the contributing factors to mold so we can make sure moisture sources have been addressed prior to mold remediation.  

Family friendly mold remediation in Chicago

For local homes, we rely on teardown and renovation only as last resorts. We use data from our own inspection reports to devise a remediation plan, and we always try to find tactical ways to access and treat difficult-to-reach growth. It means minimizing the disruption and costs that otherwise come with demolition, while still getting to all indoor mold we’ve found.   

Treatments in Chicago that Prioritize Your Family’s Health

At Green Home Solutions, your health and the health of your family is always a crucial concern for us. We never work with products that introduce harsh contaminants into your home, or otherwise make it difficult to breathe. While our treatment sprays are aggressive on mold, they gently restore, repair, and improve indoor air quality for homes we treat in the region, including: 

We know that mold can come with all kinds of health risks. Your Green Home Solutions representatives will work to quickly minimize mold across affected surfaces. Our mold remediation sprays also break down live mold spores and dead mold particles in the air for highly thorough, fast-acting, and long-lasting impact in your home. 

If you need rapid-response mold remediation for your home, Green Home Solutions is just a phone call away. Schedule an initial consultation by calling our office in Chicago today at (312) 757-4667.