Attic Mold Removal

Attic Mold Removal in Evanston

  • Date: 09-2021

Why is mold such a common problem in the attic? It has a lot to do with ventilation and moisture. Mold doesn’t show up without a good reason. If you’re seeing mold in this part of your home, it’s likely because there isn’t enough ventilation or there’s an untreated moisture source feeding mold. At Green Home Solutions, we offer attic mold removal services in addition to mold testing in Evanston, Glenview, and surrounding areas. 

We also offer expertise to homeowners, so you’re never in the dark about your treatment options or what’s needed to address the problem. Below are a few frequently asked questions about attic mold, so you know what to expect. 

Common Questions About Attic Mold Removal in Evanston

If you’ve already had an inspection showing mold in the attic, it’s important to be proactive. People often wonder if they really need to treat mold, or if they can handle the job on their own. Here’s what to know: 

  • Why should I worry about mold in the attic? If you don’t spend much time in your attic, it’s easy to think mold isn’t an issue. But attic mold, left unchecked, can spread below into other areas of the home. The attic’s proximity to rafters, roof joists, and other structural elements also means mold growth is more likely to result in structural damage. 
  • What are the risks of DIY treatment? Many homeowners in the Evanston area want to try attic mold removal on their own first. This can lead to a recurring mold issue, or subsurface mold continuing to deteriorate vital elements of the house. Without proper containment procedures and high-sensitivity cleaning equipment and products, it’s easier for mold to continue growing.
  • If mold is found, what should I do? If you find mold, or a professional inspection reveals mold in the attic, we recommend calling Green Home Solutions. We offer affordable, non-invasive, and family-friendly methods to treat attic mold in homes. Our representatives will guide you through the mold removal process, starting with a consultation.  

Get Expert Input From Green Home Solutions Today 

With Green Home Solutions, we can typically treat attic mold within a few days. We use customized methods, high-efficiency cleaning equipment, and other measures to clean up growth. Our team offers these services across Cook County, including in: 

  • Evanston
  • Glenview
  • Highland Park
  • Chicago
  • Wilmette
  • Northbrook
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Get expert input and high-impact attic mold removal in Evanston. Call Green Home Solutions today at (312) 757-4667.

*Our mold remediation services follow the guidelines and directions of the products we use and the various industry organizations to which we subscribe. Any claims of “removal” should not be considered a commitment or agreement of any kind.