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  • Date: 11-2020

At Green Home Solutions, we know how serious mold can be. We deliver indoor remediation within a matter of days. Our expert team works quickly and thoroughly to treat mold. In doing so, we can minimize the effects it has on your health as well as on your indoor environment. We offer fast, affordable, and detailed mold removal services Chicago homeowners can always rely on. 

We know having all the information can make a difference during the treatment process. Your Green Home Solutions’ representative can keep you informed at every stage, so you know what to expect and any related costs.

We let you know how far mold has spread, what’s causing it, and how we’re taking care of it. We’ll also offer proactive recommendations where we know it can make a difference. We make sure you’re always getting trusted remediation with definitive results.  

How Expert Mold Removal in Chicago Can Deliver Impact 

When it comes to mold and mold issues, having professional mold removal delivered by experts can make an immediate, lasting impact. With Green Home Solutions in Chicago, you can expect fast-acting remediation and long-lasting relief: 

  • We discover the full extent of mold. Even if you’ve discovered visible evidence of mold, it’s not unlikely that mold has spread elsewhere. Because individual mold spores are microscopic, they’re essentially invisible to the human eye. Determining how far mold has truly spread involves comprehensive detection equipment and other methods. 
  • We take a strategic approach to treatment. When we treat mold, we minimize the extent of teardown and subsequent renovation required. That’s because we use responsive strategies developed specifically for the mold we’ve uncovered in your home. It means we can always be swift and deliberate during remediation.
  • We minimize the risk of future growth. In order for mold to go away and stay away, it’s imperative to address the source of mold. It means finding and treating any moisture which mold is feeding on. We discover water intrusion and other moisture events, helping homeowners to take rapid preventative action.

Your Indoor Air Quality Consultation From Green Home Solutions

If you have questions about mold removal, your Green Home Solutions representative can help. We offer free, in-person indoor air quality consultations everywhere in the area: 

  • Chicago
  • Highland Park
  • Northbrook
  • Glenview
  • Evanston
  • Wilmette
  • And throughout the region

Get thorough and professional mold removal that delivers definitive impact. To speak to our Green Home Solutions team in Chicago, call us at (312) 757-4667.