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Mold Removal Services in Chicago: Your Questions Answered

  • Date: 07-2019

Is mold a problem in your home? Get mold removal services with results that you can trust from Green Home Solutions in Chicago.

At Green Home Solutions, we will make sure you have all the details needed to make decisions that you’re comfortable with. Our fast, affordable, and impactful remediation services can get you results in just a few days. 

Here’s what you should know about mold and managing mold. 

Common Questions About Mold and Mold Removal Services

When Does Mold Appear in Homes?

For homes in the Chicago area, mold is always tied to moisture issues. If you’re finding mold, it’s because moisture has built up inside of your home in some way. Often, these moisture problems may not seem significant, and may be related to poor ventilation or too much humidity. 

But mold can appear within just one or two days of moisture accumulation, breaking down surfaces and contaminating the air you breathe. It’s why addressing moisture is so important for effective mold control. With our mold removal services in Chicago, we can identify moisture issues and help you take action to control them. 

Should You Try Using Household Mold Removers?

Mold remediation usually requires a comprehensive approach to quickly and effectively manage it. That doesn’t just mean treating surface mold. It includes locating and addressing moisture problems, isolating any mold growth to prevent further spread, and looking for any hidden mold below surfaces. All of this is achieved with our professional mold removal services in Chicago. 

Unfortunately, household mold removers typically only scrub away surface mold without improving any of the other related mold concerns. It means that underlying mold is likely to continue thriving, deteriorating the interiors of your home further. 

What’s Different About Our Mold Removal Services?

When you choose Green Home Solutions for mold removal services, here’s how we set ourselves apart from other services in Chicago, Evanston, Glenview, Wilmette, Northbrook, and Highland Park: 

green home solutions staff doing mold removal services in Chicago
  • We always prioritize long-term solutions to dealing with mold and moisture. Our aim is not just to remediate current mold issues, but to prevent other mold issues from occurring in the future. 
  • Our representatives will never use abrasive or high-toxicity chemicals in your home, since this can further deteriorate surfaces and compromise the air you breathe. 
  • We rely on rigorous testing prior to remediation, allowing us to locate any hidden mold or moisture. After remediation, we use testing to verify results and impact. These exacting methods allow us to achieve thorough mold control. 

Get highly effective mold removal services that take as little as 48 hours to successfully complete. Contact Green Home Solutions in Chicago at (312) 757-4667 for more details.