Indoor Air Quality in Greater Indianapolis: The Importance of Ventilation

Not unlike outdoor ecosystems, homes are highly sensitive environments. Too much water or too little airflow can cause all kinds of microscopic changes, both to surfaces and to the air you breathe. For homes in Greater Indianapolis, good ventilation is essential to good indoor air quality.

Indoor spaces need fresh air. Think about how stuffy a room gets when you lock it up for a few hours or days. But it’s more complicated than that. Ventilation plays a key role in the health and comfort of our homes, including air quality. Here’s how.

How Ventilation Impacts Indoor Air Quality: 4 Key Facts

A healthy home requires fresh, clean, conditioned outside air. That’s because good ventilation and good air quality go hand-in-hand:

  • Ventilation is key to moisture control. Activities like cooking, showering, and laundry produce lots of water vapor. Too much moisture in the air causes stagnation, encouraging mold, dust, and allergens to flourish. Proper ventilation keeps your house dry.
  • Airflow helps to reduce the impact of emissions. Just like you can water down a drink, you can also dilute household emissions from stoves, furnaces, and other appliances. As more airflow occurs, the concentration and impact of pollutants will decrease.  
  • Outside air can help draw out impurities. Our homes need a regular supply of outside air. By introducing outside air, contaminated indoor air is more easily flushed out. This can occur more purposefully, through exhaust vents, as well as by simply opening windows and doors.
  • The more airtight our homes become the more ventilation matters. Every year, we get better at building airtight homes. That’s a good thing in a lot of ways, like energy conservation, but it also means indoor air can stagnate more easily. As homes let in less air, ventilation becomes more key to indoor air quality.

How We Target Poor Air Quality in Greater Indianapolis

At Green Home Solutions, we know how important it is to have good air quality throughout your house. Our experts in Greater Indianapolis offer impactful, affordable treatments designed to restore indoor air quality:

  • We help you find and dry up moisture sources.
  • We offer rapid-response removal of mold and odors.
  • We clean out dirty ducts to boost ventilation.  

Keep your home fresh and well-ventilated with help from Green Home Solutions in Greater Indianapolis. To start with a free indoor air quality consultation, call (317) 660-6171.