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Crawlspace Encapsulation in Greensboro

  • Date: 07-2021

When it comes to hidden mold, few areas in your home pose a bigger risk than your crawlspace. Most homeowners check their crawlspace infrequently, which means mold can go unnoticed for months or even years. Worse yet, moisture from ground vapor can make your crawlspace a perfect environment for mold infestations. That’s why we often suggest crawlspace encapsulation to our clients in the Greensboro area.

Crawlspace encapsulation will give your crawlspace a strong first line of defense against mold outbreaks. The way encapsulation works is simple: We line the walls and floors of your crawlspace with a heavy plastic sheeting and seal off any seams to block incoming moisture. This makes it far easier to maintain healthy moisture levels within your crawlspace, which prevents mold from growing.

The great news is that encapsulation offers benefits beyond mold prevention. Here are three other reasons why homeowners in Greensboro will want to consider crawlspace encapsulation.

Crawlspace Encapsulation: Additional Benefits

A Greener Home. When you encapsulate your crawlspace, you don’t just prevent moisture. You also stop air leakage between your home and the outdoors. This makes your home’s heating and cooling systems more energy efficient. That’s great news for the environment, as well as your monthly utility bills!

Cleaner, Healthier Air. In many homes, between 50% to 75% of all indoor air comes from the crawlspace. This means that airborne allergens and toxins from your crawlspace can pollute the air in the rest of your home. Controlling moisture levels will stop the source of these pollutants, which can include black mold, pest droppings, and harmful bacteria.

Damage Protection. Your crawlspace contains a number of critical load-bearing elements for other parts of your home. Moisture can result in costly damage on these components, either through mold, water damage, dry rot, or termites. By encapsulating your crawlspace, you can protect the structural integrity and value of your home.

Greensboro’s Experts in Crawlspace Mold Control

At Green Home Solutions, we believe everyone deserves a healthier home. Our crawlspace encapsulation systems are an ideal choice for homeowners in Greensboro who want to actively prevent mold problems. Even if you already have mold problems in your crawlspace, we can quickly and safely neutralize the mold using green-certified products.

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