Mold Inspection in Greensboro: Your Mold Questions Answered

Professional for Mold Inspection in Greensboro: Your Mold Questions Answered

When mold makes its way into your indoor spaces, it can cause a long list of problems. Tracking down and dealing with mold on your own, however, can get extremely tricky. At Green Home Solutions, we take the guesswork and headaches out of dealing with mold. With our comprehensive mold inspections in the Greensboro, NC area, we help local residents identify and begin to address mold. Below, we’ll highlight a few common mold questions we get to help you wrap your head around this common issue.

What You Should Know About Mold

Mold can seem to appear out of nowhere, which is one of the reasons it raises so many questions with local homeowners, businesses, real estate agents, and property managers. Here are some of the most common questions we face and their answers to give you a better idea of where mold comes from and how to prevent it:

What is mold? While mold is often thought of as individual patches or spots, it’s actually an entire colony of fungus. Once enough of these individual stands of fungus grow, it forms an increasingly dense colony that begins to look like what we know as mold.

Where does mold come from? Mold develops in spaces that have a high level of moisture, which is why it can be indicative of certain structural issues like leaks, burst pipes, water damage, and other issues. Mold also thrives in spaces with high humidity, which is why it’s ventilation and keeping indoor areas dry is a crucial part of preventing mold infestations.

Should I be worried about mold? Although mold can be harmless if it’s addressed quickly, it can cause significant structural damage if it’s left unchecked. The spores given off by mold can also cause health issues if they’re inhaled.

Our Comprehensive Mold Inspection for Greensboro Residents

When you work with our team at Green Home Solutions, we’ll do more than simply find the mold in your home or commercial space. We’ll also track down the source of the mold and help you create and implement a plan to fight mold and keep it from coming back in the future.

We offer our comprehensive mold inspection solutions to our neighbors in these areas:

  • Greensboro
  • Winston Salem
  • Kernersville
  • Oak Ridge
  • Guilford County
  • Forsyth County
  • and throughout neighboring communities

To get started with our mold inspection in Greensboro, contact us at (336) 663-2141 today!