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Mold Removal Company in Greensboro: Is That Weird Smell Mold?

  • Date: 09-2021

At Green Home Solutions, our mold removal company in Greensboro doesn’t simply eliminate mold from area homes—we also help homeowners identify mold problems in the first place.

This can be particularly helpful when you suspect a mold problem, but there are no visible signs of mold. Mold has a habit of growing in out-of-the-way areas, like your crawlspace, underneath your cabinets, or inside your walls.

When this happens, the first sign of a mold problem could be a strange, unexplained smell. This smell comes from mold spores, which mold releases into the air. Identifying this odor can help homeowners detect mold growth early. With help of our mold removal company in Greensboro, mold can be eliminated as quickly as it’s discovered.

The Smell Test: How to Tell If You Have Mold

If you’ve noticed a weird smell in your home, there are a number of possible reasons. The odor could be caused by leaking chemicals, unwashed laundry, rotting food, pest problems, or any number of other sources.

Homeowners familiar with mold may be able to identify the smell. But if you’re unsure what mold smells like, here are some tips you may find helpful:

  • Mold tends to have a distinct, musty smell. Many people also describe the odor as stale, damp, or earthy.
  • Often, homeowners report that air feels stuffier near mold-infested areas.
  • Airborne mold spores may also trigger a physical reaction in you or your family. Common symptoms include coughing, itchy eyes, a runny nose, headaches, and skin rashes.
  • If you’re unable to find the source of a lingering smell, that’s a red flag you’re dealing with mold.

Mold odors can sometimes be confused with odors from mildew or wood rot. That’s because mildew and wood rot are also caused by moisture problems. In fact, mold often occurs side-by-side with mildew and/or wood rot. The good news is that a mold inspection will pinpoint any moisture intrusion, which can uncover mildew and wood rot as a result.

Book an Inspection in Greensboro with Our Mold Removal Company

If you’ve noticed a strange odor that you’re worried might be mold, the team at Green Home Solutions can help. By inspecting your home with UV technology, we can uncover mold and moisture problems in hidden areas. Our team will also collect air and/or surface samples for testing. This will tell you which mold species are present and in which quantities.

As Greensboro’s trusted mold removal company, we also make it easy to get rid of mold from your home. Our mold remediation services are provided to homeowners in:

  • Greensboro
  • Winston Salem
  • Oak Ridge
  • Kernersville
  • Guilford County
  • Forsyth County
  • Surrounding areas

Contact our mold removal company in Greensboro today to book an inspection for your local home! Call Green Home Solutions at (336) 663-2141 to get started.