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Mold Removal in Winston Salem From Green Home Solutions

  • Date: 12-2020

You don’t have to address mold issues on your own. At Green Home Solutions in Winston Salem, we administer mold removal services that are fast-acting and proactive. With detailed preliminary inspections, we take any stress, guesswork, or, in many cases, high costs out of the process. Our expert representatives make sure we treat mold and its sources thoroughly, for effective remediation you can count on to last. 

Treating mold properly means taking a diligent approach to every aspect of mold prevention, control, and remediation. With Green Home Solutions, that’s always the case. We determine how mold is thriving and help you take immediate steps to address those contributors. Our early inspections give us the data needed to provide precise containment and extensive treatment. Best of all, we use family-friendly, eco-friendly products and solutions. 

Why Mold Removal in Winston Salem Matters 

Mold is microscopic and tenacious, meaning it’s important to be incredibly rigorous before, during, and after mold removal. Depending on the extent of the issue, this can be very difficult without professional intervention. With Green Home Solutions, homeowners in Winston Salem can always access powerful, reliable treatments: 

  • We limit damage from mold. Whether mold issues are compromising your health or causing damage to your home, we take immediate precautions to contain these negative effects. Our representatives use containment protocols to isolate any spaces which are affected by mold. Our rapid-response treatments minimize the need for renovation, too.  
  • We search for any hidden growth. Mold can’t always be found by sight or smell alone. Finding and treating hidden mold is crucial to mitigating it’s impact. We always look out for any hidden areas of mold growth. Your Green Home Solutions representative will use infrared scanning equipment to fully investigate affected areas. 
  • We improve the air you breathe. Mold doesn’t just take hold on surfaces. It infiltrates the air you breathe, too. With Green Home Solutions, remediation strategies include treating airborne mold particles within your home. Our proprietary, EPA-certified products quickly and aggressively break down mold at its molecular structure. 

Schedule An Indoor Air Quality Consultation Today 

Whether you’re dealing with mold or any other indoor air quality issues, Green Home Solutions is here for you. Our experts can advise you on whether mold removal is needed for your home or business. We offer free indoor air quality consultations throughout the region: 

  • Greensboro
  • Winston Salem
  • Kernersville
  • And throughout the surrounding area 

You can schedule an indoor air quality consultation in Winston Salem today. Get in touch with our mold removal experts by calling Green Home Solutions at (336) 663-2141.