Mold Removal in Winston-Salem: Will Mold Die if it Dries Out?

Your home’s indoor spaces are prone to several issues that can seem to pop up out of nowhere. One of the biggest and most mysterious of these issues is mold. And one of the biggest uncertainties surrounding mold is what happens when it dries out. Below, we’ll give you a quick overview of what happens when mold dries out and why effective mold removal is a crucial part of keeping Winston-Salem, NC homes safe, whether the mold is dry or not.

Is Mold Removal Necessary Once it Dries Out?

Because mold pops up in humid or damp areas, it’s not much of a stretch to think that mold will die off once moisture levels are returned to normal. The truth, however, is more complicated. Here’s a quick look at some of the things that happen when mold dries out and the risks it still presents:

Two professionals with equipment for Our Comprehensive Mold Removal in Winston-Salem

Dry Mold Isn’t Dead

When mold dries out, it doesn’t die. In fact, dry mold enters a dormant state in which it can survive for years. This is a problem because it can spring back to life if a new source of moisture is introduced. Effective mold removal prevents this from happening, keeping mold from regenerating years after it dries out.

Dry Mold Can Still be a Health Hazard

It’s a common misconception that dry mold is harmless. When dry mold flakes off and becomes airborne, it can actually cause many of the same health risks that come with actively-spreading mold. Irritated allergies, respiratory problems, and other issues can pop up when dry mold is in your home, which is why quickly removing mold is crucial, whether it’s dried out or still alive.

Dry Mold Can Still Spread

Another problem that arises with dry mold once it becomes airborne is that it can spread. Although you may have addressed the source of moisture where the mold originally developed, airborne mold can float to other areas of your home where the conditions might be more mold-friendly.

Our Comprehensive Mold Removal in Winston-Salem

With our professional mold removal in Winston-Salem, Green Home Solutions helps our neighbors fight this common issue and prevent it from coming back. We’ll also help you track down the source of mold to keep your home safer in the long run. Here are the communities we serve:

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