Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Westmoreland County

About Our Mold Remediation in Murrysville 

  • Date: 03-2020

When mold enters any building, getting it assessed and treated quickly can save cost and stress down the line. With Green Home Solutions, homeowners and building managers in Murrysville, PA can get fast, extensive mold remediation that treats and prevents growth.

We rely on expert treatment methods, eco-friendly and high-powered remediation sprays, and targeted strategies to address any mold-affected areas of your indoors. Our representatives inspect and assess prior to remediation. This allows us to make sure we know the extent of mold growth at hand, as well as any water intrusion or moisture that may be contributing to the problem. 

With Green Home Solutions, you get mold remediation that’s highly exacting at every stage of treatment. For homeowners, that means greater of peace of mind with remediation, knowing that you’re getting results that will last. 

Mold Remediation for Murrysville  

family friendly mold remediation in Murrysville

Mold grows fast, which is why it’s vital to get remediation that’s fast-acting, too. But just as important is treatment that’s effective. With Green Home Solutions in Murrysville, you get the best of both worlds. We take a fast-acting approach to mold remediation, but we always make sure we’re prioritizing the long-term impact of treatment. 

We take a look at the contributing factors to mold, such as a buildup of moisture sources or lack of ventilation in certain areas. Comprehensive inspection and testing allows us to uncover these sources, as well as hidden mold growth. 

Once we have the full scope of the picture, we can get started. Your Green Home Solutions representative will walk you through the extent of remediation that needs to occur, plus next steps for moisture control. Treatment is based on inspection data, allowing us to take highly tactical, fast, and precise measures for powerful effects. You can expect remediation to take as little as 48 hours in some cases. 

Our Approach to Air Quality Control in Westmoreland County

At Green Home Solutions, our experts understand how much your indoor air quality can have an effect on well-being. When we provide mold remediation services, we always take care never to use high-toxicity chemicals or products that could otherwise impair your home’s air quality. 

Instead, our treatments restore, improve, and repair indoor air quality while addressing mold. That’s true of our remediation services throughout Westmoreland County, including in: 

Learn more about our affordable and proactive mold remediation services in Murrysville. To get started with Green Home Solutions, get in touch with our team today at (800) 765-8846.