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Getting Mold Removal in Greensburg That Prioritizes Your Health

  • Date: 12-2019

Many homeowners and property managers often think about cost, effectiveness, speed, and reputation as they seek out mold remediation companies. And these factors are crucial, but they’re not the only ones to consider. When it comes to mold removal in Greensburg, one core priority should always be the health of those who spend time inside your property. 

At Green Home Solutions, our treatments are high-powered and fast-acting, which means we’re often able to treat buildings within just a few days. This allows us to offer treatment at a much more affordable cost than traditional remediation.

But just as vitally, we always think about your health when implementing mold removal services in Greensburg, Latrobe, Irwin, Ligonier, and Murrysville. 

3 Things To Consider For Health-Centered Mold Removal

What should you be considering when you’re looking for health-conscious mold treatment? 

  • The timeframe. Swift mold removal can often help to prevent further mold spread, while making sure your property is healthier for those who work or live in it. Our treatments in Greensburg often take 5 days or less! 
  • The methods. Treatment methods can sometimes cause additional side effects for your health. For example, demolition can be a concern for those with asthma. Our services always limit the need for teardown when possible. 
  • The products. You likely don’t want products that contain bleaches or other high-toxicity chemicals and contaminants. Our sprays only use eco-friendly, extra-strength ingredients. 

How We Deliver Healthier Treatments in Greensburg

family friendly mold removal in Greensburg

A health-centered approach to mold removal can also tell you a lot about how effective your treatment may be. For example, one of the reasons that mold is able to have such an effect on health is because tiny mold spores can live and travel in the air. Addressing mold in the air, then, is both integral to comprehensive remediation in Greensburg as well as to making sure your health is considered.

It’s also worth mentioning that prevention is a vital aspect of long-lasting mold remediation. If the environmental factors which have allowed mold to flourish aren’t identified and treated, it increases the chance of mold returning. These factors, including moisture and humidity, can impact indoor air quality, making them a health concern. 

At Green Home Solutions, we always take these factors into account. With the mold inspections we conduct, we’re able spot moisture buildup and related issues. We offer moisture control plans as well as other recommendations for our clients to make sure their overall air quality is healthier and cleaner while also treating mold problems.   

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