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Mold Testing in Pittsburgh

  • Date: 08-2015

If you’ve noticed a strange smell in a certain area of your home or recurring respiratory issues in one of your family members, you may have a mold problem. The only way to determine whether you have mold and if so, how to eliminate it is to work with a trusted local provider for your Pittsburgh mold testing. At Green Home Solutions, we have the industry experience and highly trained team of mold specialists you need for honest and accurate mold testing regardless of the type of mold, level of growth, or area of concern in your home.

Pittsburgh Mold Testing

When you call Green Home Solutions to discuss a potential mold problem in your home, we’ll schedule Pittsburgh mold testing as part of your free Healthy Home Audit right away. During this in-home consultation, one of our certified inspectors will listen to your concerns, visually examine your space, and conduct air quality and mold testing to determine the level and strain of mold present. If the test results point to mold, we’ll offer you a free cost estimate and customized plan for eliminating the dangerous mold from your home.

The Green Home Solutions mold removal process differs from others out there because we use only the most powerful enzyme-based organic mold removal products. Unlike many harsh synthetic chemicals, our EPA registered mist spray is non-toxic and plant based. Compared to traditional mold remediation, our organic mold removal products are:

  • Safe for people and pets
  • Fast-acting
  • Earth-friendly
  • Non-destructive
  • Cost-effective

Once we’ve completed the mold removal process, we’ll set up another round of independent Pittsburgh mold testing to prove that your home is safe, healthy, and free of mold. We’re so confident in the effectiveness of our products and the expertise of our specialists that we offer a limited two-year warranty from the date of treatment.

If there’s even the smallest possibility of hazardous mold growing in your home, why wait to schedule your free mold testing and Healthy Home Audit? Call the experts at Green Home Solutions or submit our quick online form to request your consultation with a mold specialist now!