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Mold Inspection in Uniontown

  • Date: 08-2015

There are many common signs that mold has seeped into your Uniontown home from obvious stains and strange smells to less-than-fresh indoor air. But don’t just take a guess as to whether or not you have mold; find out for sure by contacting the mold inspection experts of Green Home Solutions!

Uniontown Mold Inspection

Here at Green Home Solutions, we strive to make every step of the mold and odor removal process easy and stress-free, and our Uniontown mold inspection services are certainly no exception. When you request a mold inspection from our skilled technicians, you’ll benefit from our simple, straightforward process: Complimentary Home Inspection: We’ll send one of our highly trained mold inspectors to your home for a visual inspection and discussion of your concerns. Third-Party Mold Testing: If our mold inspection technician recommends it, we’ll gather surface and air samples and send them to a third-party lab for identification. Expert Mold Remediation: Using EPA registered, effective mold removal products, we’ll kill the mold spores at the molecular level process that starts working immediately and continues with the power of catalytic plant based enzymes. Post-Treatment Testing: We’ll ensure that your mold is completely eliminated by performing another round of third-party testing and sharing the results with you.

Don’t wait for mold to become a serious problem; instead, get in touch with Green Home Solutions today! Call for more information, or schedule your free Uniontown mold inspection by submitting our quick online form now.