Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of Westmoreland County

Mold Testing in Uniontown

  • Date: 08-2015

If you’ve noticed a strange stain moving across your walls or a musty smell permeating through your Uniontown home, there’s only one step to take: call on the mold testing professionals of Green Home Solutions! With one quick call, you could be on your way to a fresher, purer home.

Uniontown Mold Testing

At Green Home Solutions, our Uniontown mold testing professionals are highly trained in industry best practices, and they know exactly how to find and identify both the mold you can see and what you can’t! When you contact us about your mold concerns, we’ll promptly schedule a free home inspection with one of our skilled technicians. During this complimentary appointment, we’ll:

  • Learn more about your mold concerns
  • Visually examine the affected areas
  • Take surface and air samples for mold testing

Once we’ve gathered the required samples, we’ll send them to a trusted third-party lab for species identification. If mold is indeed present, we’ll come back to you with a customized strategy for fast and affordable remediation using our effective mold removal products. Unlike most products on the market today, our ultra-fine mist spray is made from plant based enzymes that break down the allergenic proteins in mold spores, guaranteeing permanent elimination almost immediately!

Find out whether your home is free from the suspected harmful effects of mold by calling Green Home Solutions today! If you’d like to get started now, complete our online form to request your free Uniontown mold testing appointment.