Indoor Air Quality Testing in Biloxi: How Air Quality Affects Your Health

We spend the vast majority of our time indoors—which is why it’s so important to make sure the air inside our homes is clean, healthy, and breathable. At Green Home Solutions, we make that easier for Biloxi area homeowners, starting with detailed indoor air quality testing. 

When mold, moisture, or other contaminants find their way into the air you breathe, it can have a significant impact on your health and well-being. Let’s explore some ways that poor indoor air quality is linked to poor health. 

The Health Effects of Poor Air Quality: A Quick Primer

When you think of air pollution, do you think of factory chimneys or car exhaust? The truth is, most people are exposed to air pollution when they’re inside, not outside—and one of the most common areas of exposure is our own homes. Let’s review how indoor air quality can cause health concerns: 

  • It can trigger short-term symptoms. When people deal with mold, moisture, or other air quality issues in short doses, these can activate short-term symptoms. These immediate effects can range widely from person to person, and can include headaches, stuffed noses, fatigue, or trouble concentrating. 
  • Kids and older individuals are vulnerable. Air quality problems can be particularly harmful to those in your family who are more vulnerable, including children or elderly adults. Kids are especially at risk because their bodies are still growing—research shows that exposure to poor air quality can hinder overall child development. 
  • It can contribute to other problems. When there’s little airflow or high humidity within an indoor environment, your home is more likely to harbor bacteria, viruses, and dust mites. Polluted air doesn’t just cause health issues—it can make people more vulnerable to airborne diseases and respiratory problems. 
  • Proper testing helps you stay proactive. While all of this can sound alarming, it’s simply important to understand what’s in your home’s air. Comprehensive indoor air quality testing can help you understand what you’re dealing with—and if you need to take proactive steps, our team in Biloxi can help with that as well. 

Get Started with Indoor Air Quality Testing in Biloxi

When you need indoor air quality testing, Green Home Solutions can always help. We provide testing for homes and businesses in: 

Green Home Solutions providing indoor air quality testing in Biloxi.
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If you’re concerned about the air in your home, schedule indoor air quality testing with Green Home Solutions. To get started, contact our expert team in Biloxi at (228) 265-9457.