Why You Need Mold Inspection in Biloxi 

If you’ve located mold inside your home or office, your first instinct may be to treat it on your own. But getting professional, thorough mold remediation can take much of the stress and complication out of treatment. With Green Home Solutions, you can prevent mold from causing further damage to indoor surfaces and to your health, too. We start with a mold inspection for homes in Biloxi.  

Why You Need Mold Inspection in Biloxi

Inspecting for mold is a crucial first step for effective professional remediation. With this step, our representatives comb indoor areas for signs of mold as well as its sources. We use powerful scanning equipment to aid in this search, and may take additional samples for lab testing if needed. Our team takes every step to find the full scope of mold present indoors. 

Choosing Mold Inspection in Biloxi 

Why do you need mold inspection? For buildings in Biloxi, we always recommend a detailed inspection first. It means we can take uncertainty out of the equation, with data that can help you address mold right away: 

We offer a clear scope of mold issues. With an in-depth inspection, you can learn exactly where mold has spread inside your home or office. Without this step, it’s easy for mold to continue thriving below surfaces and in other difficult-to-access areas. An inspection gives you clear data on how far mold has spread. 

We identify any causes of mold. Mold doesn’t appear without cause. Treating mold comprehensively means finding and treating its moisture sources first. With Green Home Solutions, you’ll find out what indoor environmental factors are causing mold to thrive. It means we can help you prevent mold from returning. 

We create a baseline for comparison. We know how important it is to get trusted results. With an initial inspection, you can get a baseline for comparison for any post-treatment testing. In fact, we can implement a final inspection after remediation occurs, so you can have conclusive proof that mold has been addressed. 

Get Expert Mold Remediation From Green Home Solutions 

If a mold inspection reveals growth, Green Home Solutions can implement remediation right away. We use the detailed data gained from inspection to treat rapidly and thoroughly, for more affordable treatments no matter where you’re located, in: 

  • Biloxi
  • Gulfport
  • Long Beach
  • D’Iberville
  • Ocean Springs
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Learn more about our expert approach to mold inspection and treatment in Biloxi. Contact our team at Green Home Solutions by calling (228) 265-9457.